How To Clean Jewelry At Home

Even when you frequently visit the jeweler for the maintenance of your most precious gems, sometimes we find ourselves completely forgetful about making time for the next appointment. You’d be happy to find out that homemade cleaning solutions are most of the times just as effective as the hand of a professional but cost significantly less.

Cleaning silver

  • Polishing
    It is largely known that polishing eradicates tarnish. This is a traditional method to apply in the case of degraded silver. Regarding the instrument, a jewelry polishing cloth would be fairly helpful since the item is soft and non-abrasive. Once you proceed to action, have in mind that circular motion with the cloth might magnify scratches, thus, the correct movement is back-and-forth.
  • Baking soda
    This ingredient seems to be the most advantageous item in a household since it helps us with a large number of duties. Baking soda is especially useful in the case of heavily tarnished silver when polishing cloth doesn’t keep the pace. Place in a bowl 3 spoons of baking soda and 1 spoon of water and mix them together. Take the soft paste with a lint-free cloth and gently scrub the surface of the jewelry. Repeat the motion for a few minutes, then rinse it and let the gem dry.
  • Toothpaste (not gel)
    Just as toothpaste does a great job at maintaining our teeth stainless, it also has a noticeable effect on tarnished silver. Dab a drop of toothpaste on a soft cloth and start the same motion as described for baking soda.

Cleaning pearls

Irrespective of their nature -real, false, or cultured- you must follow a delicate cleaning action on pearls. Since they have a pervious nature, pearls have to be constantly maintained to keep a glowy luster.

Regarding cleaning products, some specialists recommend using baby shampoo to luster the surface. In this manner, dab a drop of shampoo on a small brush and start gently scrubbing the pearl. Following, rinse the jewelry and the project is done.

Cleaning gold

Gold is a pretentious metal that needs proper care to maintain its richness intact. When you’re thinking of lustering some gold jewelry, have in mind the following steps:

1. Prepare a bowl and combine two spoons of dish detergent, a teaspoon of ammonia, and a cup of warm water. Mix the elements together until they are fully united.

2. Place the jewelry in the solution and scrub delicately with a toothbrush.

3. Once the item is clean, change the water and let it rinse for a few minutes, after which use a towel to dry it.

What NOT to use to clean gold

While gold is not as prone to tarnishing as silver is, it is still a conspicuous metal that could be easily degraded by the wrong solution.

One canonical rule that you must follow is to avoid using chlorine in the cleaning process. The chemical substance actions as both a bleacher and damaging element to gold.

When should you reach a professional?

For overly degraded jewelry that doesn’t show any response to homemade remedies, a professional is quite commendable. Also, calling an expert should be a primary option for the ones of us who are struggling to perform critically gentle jobs.

Youngest Prankster Ever

Here is a video of what I believe is probably the youngest prankster ever! He’s using the only skill that he has available to him to deliver a punishing finger bite to his brother. The best part about this baby is that he knew exactly what he was doing as you can see him laughing after he does it. He probably also pees on his parents when they change the diaper. All hail the prank king Charlie!

More baby pranks

Pissing baby prank

Man acting like a baby in stroller:

Baby prank phone call:

That baby is in a box prank:

Not a baby prank – but a baby powder in the blow dryer prank:

That’s a Wrap!

That's a WrapWhen you place clear plastic wrap over a toilet, the next person to use the restroom probably won’t not see the opaque obstruction waiting to block their excrement from hitting its intended mark. This joke can be pretty filthy. That must be why my grandmother introduced the gag to me when I was all of 14 years old; again, playing pranks runs in the family. My uncle and his new bride were on their honeymoon and my grandmother had a key to their house. We set pranks up all over their house so they would have one hell of a homecoming once their vacation was over. I recently asked my aunt about the prank and she said, “Yes, it did work and you wouldn’t have wanted to see it.”

The only other way that I have used clear plastic wrap was as a young hell raiser, before I had my driver’s license. A group of us had spent the night at a friend’s house that lived out in the sticks. The country roads near his home were seldom traveled late at night. This allowed us time, between cars passing, to set up our prank. We stretched a single layer of plastic wrap across two trees that were on opposite sides of the road. At night, when suspended about 3 ½ feet off the ground, the plastic acts as a mirror and reflects an oncoming vehicles headlights giving of a visual effect that makes it look like another car is coming straight at you. From our hiding spot, we heard the car honking as it approached the impending thin barrier. The driver came to a stop in front of the plastic wrap and with aggravation and a few curse words, tore it down in one fell swoop.

Camp Jokes

The following jokes were conceived of and played out while I was a counselor at an overnight summer camp for youth, ages 7-12. Several of these jokes I still use to this very day. Practical jokes helped the counselors last through the grueling weeks of the job and are responsible for some of our fondest memories during our time at camp. I attended the camp, for 6 years as a camper, and always enjoyed the jokes the counselors played on their fellow staff and on us. Although some of the jokes I mention were played on the children, and at first may sound cruel, former campers have told me they look back and appreciate their camp experience. We also never played jokes on campers we disliked, or those who we thought would suffer long-term damage by our gags.

I have heard from other counselors that the camps they worked at were also breeding grounds for practical jokes. I believe this phenomenon comes about for a variety of reasons, some of which include:

  • You are living with and working with others so closely you begin to know their daily patterns and routines and can anticipate their next move, thus having control over one of the needed elements in any great joke, timing.
  • Access to living quarters of other counselors makes for easy placement of materials involved in jokes.
  • Counselors are usually very young, a little immature, and carefree. If a pie is pushed in their face they may chase you but they won’t request you be fired.

Camp Jokes

Visitor Submitted Camp Pranks

X-lax surprise

On my grade 8 end year trip we went camping. The girls wanted to get the boys good. So what we did was made brownies and put x-lax in them. The boys were eating them all the way to the camp. When we arrived at the camp, we hid all the toilet paper and plastic wrapped the toilet seats! It was a weekend to remember.

– From Samanth, the She-Devil girl

Revenge Camp Pranks

We were staying in a college dorm for camp and we were already there for two days but couldn’t sleep because the neighbors would pound on the walls all night so we got some fox pee and deer pee and went in there room and put some pee in their cologne and shampoo. We then came back that night and locked them in their room then sprayed pee under there door so they had a rude awakening in the morning. The next day we pooped in a trash can and set it outside so it baked, then hid it in their room.

Another prank we did to someone else was to put catfish bait in a glass of water soaking in the sun for a day. We then were able to spray the catfish juice on someone’s radiator so when they would turn the heat or air conditioning on they would smell the sweat stench of catfish.

– From Josh in Springfield

Perfect Camp Prank:

One day in summer camp, I made fun of some girls who were standing nearby. That night, I had a bad feeling something bad was going to happen but I went to sleep anyway. In the morning I was covered in makeup, nail polish, lipstick, etc… I never went to that camp again!

– From Oliver H.

Revenge Camping Prank

Okay- here’s one for revenge. It would be best to do this somewhere where the person you are pranking cannot get another pair of clothes-like camping for example. What you do is get a container of Bleach and put a bunch of hair in it and leave it there over night. Next morning, drain it and chop the hair real fine… and it becomes itching powder!!! Put it all over the other person’s clothes!!!! hah!!!!!

– From Amber B. in Vancouver, WA

Another Revenge Prank – Trash the Cabin

This is a revenge prank for when you’re at summer camp! Last summer at camp my friends and I need to come up with a great revenge prank so we thought of one and put it into action!! You see in this camp, you had to keep your cabin clean or you wouldn’t be allowed to join in the activities……so since the next day we were going canoeing (everyone’s favorite) we decided to totally trash this brat girl and her friend’s cabin!! Since the doors are never locked we snuck in a totally destroyed it (we also added honey and silly string) the next day they weren’t allowed to join in any of the activities!!

– From Sarah

Funny Camping Prank

This is for all the camping people out there. Okay if ya’ll go camping with alot of friends this practical joke is totally for you!! Get some bright red lipstick and put it on somebody’s lips. Then put lip marks all over someone else’s face that is of the same sex and sort of smear some lipstick on their lips. Take photos if you can!

– From Nikki P.

2 Camp Pranks

I was a camp counselor and had many pranks played on me along with playing a few myself. As a rookie counselor of 24 years old on my first day of camp I made the mistake of wearing white shorts, white Bobby-socks, white canvas sneakers, and an expensive summer sweater. Big mistake!!! I discovered a bucket of sticky black tar at the bottom of the steps of my cabin.

That is, I discovered the bucket of tar AFTER it became attached to my foot!!! By the end of the day, I had tar all over myself, and my outfit was ruined!!! I found out that another counselor, about 20 years my elder, played the prank on me. She was not laughing so loudly after I put DRANO in her laundry detergent.

– From Debbie

Post-It Note Camp Prank

One week at camp this past summer, I and my friends decided to go down in CCA history at Forest Home. CCA’s are volunteers that help out with the family camp kids. Anyways, we are treated like dirt by all of the staff, even the most of our counselors. So we decided to post-it note one of our counselor’s car (one that we actually liked). We covered the entire car in yellow post-its, and it was very time consuming for our counselor to remove them the next morning. HAHA!

– From Zam

Camp Pranks by Mischievous Girls

We went to a camp that had one section for boys and the other for girls … well one night we stayed up real late and snuck over to the guys bunk and we decorated them as they slept with lipstick, toothpaste, markers and then we put Vaseline between their toes to make them subconsciously wriggle all night.

We also rigged booby traps by putting webs over each bunk and when they hit the strings, down would come talcum powder, mud, pancake syrup, or other stuff which we put in big paper cups.

– From Elaine in Pennsylvania

Summer Camp Mess Hall Practical Joke

While at a summer camp one time some other girls played this prank at the mess hall over night. They turned all the tables upside down and removed all the chairs, and put the stacked in all of their dorms. They then hid all of the silverware as well. When we walked in to eat breakfast in the morning we had to sit and eat on the floor with our fingers! The worst part is we were having cereal.

– From Hatchu!

Girl Scout Prank

At Girl Scout camp we waded through the lake in the middle of the night to the YMCA camp, and hoisted a huge pear of Wal-Mart pants up the flag pole that said girl scouts rule!

– From Lin!

Cabin Lockdown

My brother and his friends did this to me and my sister. This only works if you have a cabin…. me and my sis went to bed and in the middle of the night, she woke me up to go with her down to the outhouse because she was scared to go all by herself. I didn’t want to go though, so when she finally mustered up the courage to go, she tried to open the door but couldn’t. I tried also but it turns out that our cabin door was tied shut!

My brother and his friends tied a rope around our doorknob and around a post on the cabin porch. She really had to pee! The cabin had windows, but good luck trying to get a girl to squat out one. It was sooooooo funny…. and we still have to get back at them for revenge.

– From Natelie

Is that for breakfast? Put canoes in your camp kitchen if you can!

– From Becky in Shelton, WA

April Fools Pranks


This April Fools Pranks list is a collection of visitor submitted pranks for April 1st.  Please let me know which ones you think are funny in the comments.  If you have your own April Fools Day pranks that you have pulled or had pulled on you, submit your jokes here.

Leave the Wrapper on Cheese Prank

Ok, this is a classic prank you can pull on April Fools on your family members.  Start making a sandwich and see if your brother or sister, or even father wants a sandwich too.  For theirs, make sure you use a slice of fat free cheese – and now here’s the thing.  Leave the wrapper on the cheese!


April Fools PranksWatch in laughter as they chomp down on the first bite and get that plastic wrapper all ground in with their food.  You can pull this type of April Fools Day prank with anyone and you’ll get them almost every time.

– Josh

Mean To Grandma April Fools Day Prank

I did this prank on April Fools. I took my grandma’s toothbrush and put nonstick cooking spray (don’t ask why) on the bristles. Then I made sure she couldn’t see the the spray. Then when she went to brush the few teeth she has left she got a horrible taste and feeling in her mouth :)

– Ana from Kansas City, MO

Note from Smidge: Wow Ana!  This is great!  Did anyone else pull these mean pranks on their grandparents?  I was always too afraid to pull shenanigans on my grandparents.

April Fools Blues

On April Fools Day my sister came home from college for her upcoming birthday and stayed at our house. She likes to take long showers so, I took a food coloring tablet and unscrewed the shower head and put it under it and put the shower head back on. The next day she was blue.
– Casey

April Fools Nose Bleed Gag

For April 1st, me and my little brother had red food die from a school project he was working on. My mom took me and my older bro, to my grandmother’s house and I went in to the bathroom and applied red food die (it was like gel) right at the bottom of my nose. I sniffed it up so that it looked like it came out of my nose and I went into the kitchen where my mom and my other relatives were and said, “Mom my nose hurts is it okay?” I took my hand off of my nose and my mom said “Oh my GOD!! My Daughter’s is BLEEDING!” I couldn’t help but just start laughing.  She was soooo pissed.

P.S. I also once used it to get out of gym class!  Have fun and good luck!

– Americas sweetheart

You are Being Deported – April Fools!

On April Fools Day last year, I did a real neat prank on my sister.  I got a few of my older adult friends to dress up as immigration cops and arrest her.  She kept saying over an over that she was British.  Before they hauled her off I burst in and said April fools ha ha ha ha.  She was fuming!

– Richard G. from the UK

Perfectly Rich April Fools Day Prank

On april fools, have your mate call your friend or family member and in a game show host voice tell them they have just won a sweepstakes drawing and they will be coming to their front door with a check in just a few minutes.  Ring their doorbell and say, “April Fools!”

– Gabriella from Trevor WI

April Fools Golf Gag

My uncle is an avid golf player and is very proud of all of his golf clubs and balls. He is always bragging when he beats me and my sister at it.  The night before april fools day, we decided to do a little golf prank. When he went to sleep we got up and snuck into the garage where he kept all of his golf stuff. We opened the back door and took his golf sticks, leaving traces that made it look like they had been stolen. The only thing we left out was a golf club sock and placed it by the door.  The next morning we could hear him getting up for a big and then heard a big scream and some running around frantically. We sat up in bed as he shot into our room. He told us his golf sticks had been stolen and he was going to call the police.  We played along until he was majorly stressed out, then I finally asked, “what day is it today uncle?” He looked at me puzzled and said “april the first,  why?” and me and my sister burst out laughing.  He nearly fainted.

– Rebecca from the UK

Its April 1st and I’m Pregnant Prank

Last april fools, I told my mom I was pregnant from my neighbor. I have been crushing on him for a really long time so she ran to the next door neighbor and yelled at him but he was already in on the joke he fake cried.  When I finally told her we were just playing and that it was april fools, she was so mad at me.  lol!

– Tatiana

Revenge April Fools Pranks on Deadbeat Room Mates

Everybody knows that the problem with April Fools Day is that it only happens once a year. I think that the date should have nothing to do with getting Schadenfreude revenge on those endearing aholes that we know. To jump start your imaginations, here are a couple April Fools ideas to help out:

  • Pee in the washing machine after they run a load of laundry but before they stick it in the drier, take a fat leak in their newly freshened clothes. If you eat plenty of asparagus before hand, the smell of baked wee should permeate their clothes for quite some time! This is even better if they are running late for work or a date, so they have to wear the clothes anyway!
  • Remove their vehicle registration tags.  This one could take some time to mature, but it is easy as pie! Just take an exacto knife to their tags, and pull them off! Sooner or later, a cop will be asking questions about why their registration has expired, and if you are lucky this will coincide with some other illegal activity! Tip from a pro: if you want to save some money, consider transferring them to your vehicle.  Actually that prank is illegal and could cost you money.  Come to think of it, most of these are and shouldn’t be done.
  • Unplug their refrigerator.  You’ve got to plan for this one by making sure you don’t have any perishable food in the fridge at the time. After a couple of days, they will start to wonder why their milk smells like @ss, and if you are lucky they will discover the taste before they smell the smell!
  • Use their email, phone number, and address on online forms.  This one is easy. Just go online to websites of “ill repute” and enter their contact information! Watch with glee as their email inbox gets spammed, telemarketing calls eat up their cellphone minutes and their mailbox gets filled up ads.
  • Goatse their email contacts (see here for what this means: Next time they forget to sign out of their email, select all their contacts and email out a good old fashioned Goatse. If they don’t sign out of facebook, set it as their profile picture. People will be pissed, and if you get it in facebook, there is a very high chance their account will be banned!
  • Implant their computer chair with Neodynium Magnets. Next time they sit down, their credit card and cell phone will get a taste of justice!
  • Get them a surprise Ku Klux Klan membership.  This one costs a bit of money, but the laughs will be more than worth it! Imagine their shock as they show up on Klan mailing lists, get Klan phone calls, and discover that they can never hold a government job because they are on the rolls of a terrorist organization!

– Anonymous from Arizona State University

April Fools – I’m Actually Not Dead

Go into your kitchen. Then, get your bottle of ketchup. Put ketchup around your mouth. Also put it on your hands and arms. When your victim comes, fall on the ground. Make sure they don\’t see you fall. When they freak out and try to call the police, jump up and scream APRIL FOOLS!!! Make sure the  victim doesn’t actually call the police. This trick is classical, classy, and funny. I’ve done this april fools prank millions of time.

– Mary

Another I’m Not Dead April Fools Prank

If you have a sibling this will work perfect!!!!!!!! Have your little sibling pretend he/her is dead run out to your mum or dad and star yelling, HE/SHE IS DEAD!!!!!!! Have them come running into their room freaking out. Then have your sibling jump up and yell, “APRIL FOOLS!!!!”

– Lindzey

Margaret’s List of April Fools Pranks

  • Last year for April Fools I wrapped everything my roommate owned in its own package in newspaper.  Every.  Single.  Thing.  (i.e. a pen, pillow, laptop, books, blush, mascara, chair, shirts, hangers, brush, shoes, socks… you get the idea).
  • In my dorm last year, the doors opened in and there was a small frame around the door (providing a gap between the door and the frame), so I had some friends who when they opened their doors on April Fools discover that they had been duct taped into their rooms.  Very funny.
  • Cover the floor of some one’s room with clear shiny plastic cups and fill them 1/3 with water.  Put a live goldfish in 1 out of every 7 or so and it will look like there are fish in every single one.
  • Buy a LOT of packing peanuts and fill somebody\’s room with them.  This works well in a dorm room in December when everything is staticky.


  • If you have a Mac, take the remote control that comes with it next time you go to the library and have some fun… they affect all Macs in the vicinity.  It’s great on April Fools!

– Margaret

April Fools Pranks

Sticky Newspaper For April Fools

Take the news paper and super glue them together(the thicker the better).  I did this for April Fool’s Day and it was funny to see the reaction!!!

– Erica G.

Stick it to Grandpa Joke

We pull this same prank on my grandfather every single April Fools and he never catches on.  Every morning he makes a pot of coffee and he loves his coffee sweet with sugar and cream.  But instead of sugar we substitute his sugar with SALT.  So when he puts his 3 spoonfuls of “SUGAR” in he is getting a cupful of salty coffee.  He then proceeds to poor out the whole pot thinking we contaminated his pot of coffee not thinking is just the sugar bowl.

– Dallas from Sylvania, Georgia

Scare April Fools Prank

Last year on April Fools Day, I pulled a scare prank on my sister. I told her to come in my room and look on my bed. I quickly hid under the bed and when she came next to my bed, I quickly grabbed both her ankles and tugged. It was hilarious and my favorite april fools day yet!!!!

17 Awesome Christmas Pranks

17 Awesome Christmas Pranks

While my wife says that the holiday season and pranks don’t go together, I firmly disagree. Christmas is a time when people are very open and vulnerable, which is the perfect time to strike and pay them back for being rotten to you for the other 11 months of the year.

Christmas Cookie Surprise Prank Craptacular

Image of Cookie Crapper

Cookie Craptacular Prank

Purchase or make a batch of cookies for your coworkers that you will place in a holiday tin. Now take a photo of one of the cookies resting on a toilet seat. Place the photo near the bottom of the tin where the last or close to the last cookie that is grabbed will reveal your nasty photo. Word will spread fast of your holiday prank and your coworkers will be absolutely disgusted. I leave it to you to decide if you actually want to include the cookie that was resting on the toilet seat.I personally went around to each of my coworkers and offered them a cookie from a similar tin that is in the photo. I then emailed them the photo once everyone had gobbled their cookies down. I heard a chorus of, “Ugghhhh. Gross!!!” after hitting the send button.

Yank a Gift Gag

Gift box on a string prank to be yanked out of your victims hand when they answer the door. Image of Christmas Prank Gift Wrapped Box

Garlic and Onion Cookies or Cupcakes

Make garlic and onion chocolate covered cookies or cupcakes.

Rouge Holiday Tailor Practical Joke

Give your victim socks or other clothing goods and sew up the holes so they can’t fit their feet or arms through the sleeves.

Piss On Santa’s Lap Prank

Pay a neighborhood kid to pee on Santa’s lap. This idea came from Free Revenge Ideas.

Fake Rat in the Holiday Food Dish or Box

Put a fake animated rat in any pitch-in food dish like this video shows here.
Buy a fake rat here from PrankPlace.comFake Rat Prank

Cupboard Scare Holiday Practical Joke

Place an obnoxious motion activated holiday singing toy in the cupboard. Like this Holiday Singing Billy Bass wall fish Here is a longer explanation called the Singing Holiday Prank.

Greeting Card Sound Loop Holiday Prank

Find a greeting card that has a repeatable loop and then tear off the sound device. Set it to the on position and hide it in your victims office or in their car so that it drives them bonkers.

Hanging Dummy On The Roof

I couldn’t find the original source of this photo but it made the rounds on the Internet and mainly via an email post for holiday season 2009. Let’s hope for more email goodies in our inbox this year. Here is a description and large photo of the holiday shenanigan.

Image of Best Christmas Decorations Ever

This kind of accident really happened to someone. Read about it here in the Fox Phoenix.

Help a Neighbor Decorate Practical Joke

Decorate your neighbors house for them – the more tacky, the better according to the parenting section at

Naughty Decoration Pranks

Image of Naughty Decoration Pranks

Check out the naughty and ugly decorations at for x-mas light decoration pranking inspiration. Here is a video of someone pranking their neighbors.

Gift Wrap Everything in Site Holiday Prank

Image of Gift Wrapped Cubicle

Use gift wrap to wrap up everything in someones cubicle, office, or bedroom. This along with other xmas prank photos from Here is a video of gift wrapping everything people already own from

Mess with Christmas Lights Prank

Change the timer on your friends holiday lights to come on at 6am and go off at 11am instead of pm. This along with a couple other holiday pranks at Associated Content.

You are Now Santa Prank

Send a huge volume of santa letters to the home of your friend with mean messages.Upside Down Christmas Tree PrankNail a tree to the ceiling (complete with all ornaments!): Holiday Prank Phone Calls, This guy tells a lady he works for the government and he is going to shut her lights off if she doesn’t because they are rubbish and tasteless:

Empty Chocolate Box Prank

Image of Chocolate Prank

Empty Chocolate Box Prank

Place an empty holiday chocolate gift box in the break room at work. Place a couple rocks in the box, in case your victim shakes the box to see if there is candy left. They will be highly dissapointed once they open the box and see your note, “Better luck next time dirt bag.” You might also enjoy these holiday/winter themed posts:

Caramel Onions and Apples Prank

Caramel Onions and Apples
This is a great fall time prank and holiday prank to fool your friends, family or coworkers with. You will coat onions and some apples with traditional caramel candy apple toppings and put a stick through them. Present them on a nice platter tray to your guests or take them into work for a nice effect.For those unlucky enough to bite into the caramel coated onions instead of the apple, their mouth is going to feel terrorized and tortured. Nobody wants to taste onion candy when they expect apples!

What do you need for this prank?

Caramel Onion Apple Prank Ingredients

Caramel Onion Apple Prank Ingredients

  • Caramel Candies and a microwavable bowl.
  • 2 Apples of the same size – smallish works well.
  • 6 Pealed onions that are the same size as the apples.
  • Crushed nuts for a topping.
  • Wax Paper.
  • Classy looking serving platter.

What do you do?

Halloween prank or fall time prank.

Dunking Apples

  • Microwave the caramel candies so they get gooey an soft.
  • Dunk your apples and onions into the caramel goo and pull them out and place on the wax paper.
  • Poke your Popsicle stick through the onions/apples.
  • Top some of them with nuts.
  • You might have to place some more caramel near the stick to cover up any white showing through the caramel as they cool.
  • Placing in the fridge can help them cool a little faster.
  • Place on your platter and find your victims!

Tip: Make the apple versions first so they don’t taste at all like onions – at least you can enjoy 1 or 2 for yourself!

Have you had a food prank pulled on you? We’d love to hear about it – leave a comment or submit your own pranks!

Here is a video of people playing this prank on their children!

Short Sheet the Bed Prank

Short Sheet the Bed Prank

Short Sheeted – a prank from Jade

This prank is really easy to pull on anyone.

  • Start by unmaking someone`s bed – take off everything but the fitted sheets
  • Take the flat sheets and put the top of the sheet all the way above where your pillow usually lies. Wrap it under the mattress like you would the fitted sheet.
  • Fold the bottom part of the flat sheet up to the pillows.
  • Next put on the comforter and the pillows to make it look normally made.

Next time the person tries to go to sleep in their bed, they`re stuck in a pocket!

If that doesn’t make sense, just watch one of these videos on short sheeting the bed. The first is a how to and the second shows a victim’s reaction.

Video of how to pull this simple prank!

This next prank video shows a guy on a cruise getting short sheeted and taking forever to figure out what happened!

Have you ever been short sheeted? How about slapped in the face with a live catfish on a boat? Please let us know about it in the comments.

Easy Gag Jokes

Here are a few jokes that take very little planning, are very easy to pull off, and will have you chuckling in no time. Most of these gags can only be performed a few times before your friends catch on, but you can get practically everyone you know. Some are perfect to play on those you intimately know and others are best left for strangers. Although you will surely laugh, the fallout from your victims will vary from shock and frustration to utter contempt and disgust.

gag jokes

  • 3 words: Vaseline, Vaseline, Vaseline!
  • BenGay
  • Food Coloring Gag
  • Scotch Taping Prank
  • So Thirsty (Mess with your friend’s drink)
  • Changing Signs
  • Pen Games
  • Nice Photo
  • Bulls-eye!
  • I Need to Return This
  • Salty Toothbrush
  • Deviant Personals
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • Weed Whacker

Funny Pranks – Submitted by Visitors

The following list of 90 and growing funny pranks were submitted by visitors to this site. Thanks to all of you who shared. Submit your funny prank! There are also over 200+ comments on the bottom of the page – most of them are pranks Biiiiotchhhes!

Honey on your Face Prank

Honey Face PrankWhile someone is asleep lightly drizzle honey or syrup on their face when they feel it they should smear it all over. Very sticky situation.

– From Scott N.



Gourmet Peanut Prank

Film yourself while sucking the chocolate from chocolate peanuts and spit every peanut in a bowl (if you don’t want your friend to really eat these nasty ass peanuts, just give him regular peanuts). Now give the bowl of peanuts to your friends, when they’ve eaten half the bowl, show them the video! They are gonna be so F***ing Pissed!

– From Maxim

Sand Hole Surprise

I used this prank on my brother when we were on holiday in Spain. When you are at the beach, pick a victim/friend that is lying down on a towel on sand. When they get up, for example go to the restroom or for a drink, remove the towel and dig a hole where the towel sits. Put the towel back in exactly the same place so they don’t suspect anything. When the victim lays back down on the towel, their ass will fall into the hole! The deeper the hole the better!

– From Bobby Bigsticks

Seriously Funny Prank

This is a hell of a Prank!!! Last April Fool’s Day I used this prank on our friend. I made up flyers on my computer that read:

GWM living with mommy looking for daddy. Prefer big black men, long walks on the beach, and being spanked. Call me anytime (cell phone # of friend).

I actually didn’t place them anywhere but I told my friend I did. About an hour later, he got a phone call from a guy named Leroy (a gay friend of ours). “Leroy” left a message saying that he saw his flyer in the men’s room at the 7-11 and that he wanted to meet him.

That was enough to send our friend over the edge. He was pissed. The best part was when he learned it was our friend that called him….whenever he saw “Leroy” at our house he would flirt with him, rub his leg, talk sweet and dirty to him. This went on for about a month. “Leroy was actually gay”. My victim of the joke was an idiot and didn’t believe me for the longest time.

– From Tracy B. in Wesley Chapel, FL

Rubber Band Bastard Prank

Find a Rubber band (not a really thin one or a fat one) twist up the rubber band (more the merrier) twist until it is a tight coil when you pull the 2 sides, and then find a victim with long hair (shaggy is good). Pull the rubber band apart while still being coiled and then release it in their hair, this will make their hair scrunch up and hurt a lot in the process of trying to pull the rubber band out.

– From David S. in Puyallup, WA

Insane Clown

If you are at a sleepover, grab some make-up and apply it like crazy. Make your face pale white, completely black, or other dark color. Add eye shadow to go on your eye-lid all the way to brow. Use bright red, black, or dark blue, lipstick and apply all over lips and beyond. Finally take RED blush and apply it in a perfect circle). You’ll look like an insane clown!

Shake a person WHILE SLEEPING with the light on and they’ll freak looking at your face! It is so funny! You’ll scare the crap out of your friend!

– From Kelly

Beer Balancing Prank

This is GREAT and works best in a crowded bar. Bet one of your friends that they can’t balance a glass of beer on the back of each hand (on a table of course). When the beers are balanced…simply walk out!!! Well worth the cost…truth is no guy would waste two good beers.

– From Brad H, Helltown USA

Prank Party!

One day get together with a couple of your friends for a sleep-over. Choose one friend before the party and tell everyone you’re going to pull a prank on them. Tell your friends to bring ANY prank stuff that they have. When your friend falls asleep, pull a series of pranks such as:

  • Sleep-makeovers,
  • face fart spray,
  • gum in hair,
  • and fingers in cold water.

When you run out of pranks, get a CD and put it in your CD player. Turn the volume all the way up. Tell one person to turn on the light when the music goes off. Tell 2 people to dance on the bed, tell some people to blow whistles and scream. Turn on the music and watch your friend go nuts.

– From Andrea P.

Garbage Can Cleaning

Okay, this is a funny prank. You take a garbage can and fill it about 3/4 way with water. You lean this up against a random house’s door. Knock on the door, run, and hide so you can see it from a distance. When the unsuspecting person opens the door the water will fall into their house flooding it. This is a really funny prank. But don’t get caught.

– From Dustin K.

Scare Tactic Prank

Ok, you got to have a skylight in your house. This is one of the great funny pranks to pull on your siblings and close friends. Sometime when they’re watching T.V. or busy, put on dark clothes and a ski mask and climb onto their roof. When they walk into the room with skylight make a loud noise and stare at them before quickly dodging out of the way and climbing off the roof. We got my brother to pee his pants and run outside yelling because of it. It’s a great prank to do on your friends!

– From BW in Eugene, OR

Sour Face Prank

I was over at my friend’s house and it was her 15 birthday and she was having like 9 girls sleepover. We had a lot of fun and her older brother is working in the Science Department and he decided since my friend Kayla (the birthday girl) LOVED sour stuff, he’d make the “Essence of Sour” and it was the sourest thing I have EVER tasted.

Well, me and my friend Brittney both got up to get in the middle of the night to get a cup of water. Brittany got this great idea we should prank all the girls that were sleeping. So, me being the girl to take on any dare, I saw the cup of EOS (Essence of Sour) and decided we should pour it all over the other girls’ toothbrushes!

Wow, were they surprised when they got up to brush their scaggle-teeth! This prank works great at home or at a friend’s house and you don’t have to use EOS. You can wet anyone’s toothbrush and let it soak on a black cherry warhead for like 2 minutes. Those things are pretty damn sour.

– From Leigh in New York

Great Gift Funny Prank

Over Christmas my best friend treated herself to Banana Republic. I asked her for the bag, noticing a great prank possibility. I remembered I forgot to buy a present for another friend who is totally obsessed with fashion. I picked out a super-ugly sweater with bears on it for him, wrapped it in tissue paper and stuck it in the Banana Republic bag. Imagine his joy and then disappointment when I give it to him!

– From Corrie M. in Greeley, CO

Easy and Highly Effective Funny Prank

Put hair removal cream in someone’s conditioner.

– From Stephy

Magical T.V. Remote Prank

For Christmas my mom got a new T.V. We had already had a T.V. that was the same brand, and I held on to the remote for this prank…

My little sisters were watching a video and I was in the other room with the old remote. I would alternately mute it, turn up the volume, change the channel, and turn off the power for about an hour. It was really funny watching the littlest one’s amazement at the T.V. “magically” turning itself off and then getting blamed for it.

This prank might even work on a neighbor who has the same kind of T.V. or even at school or work!

– From Corrie M in Greeley, CO

Habanero Pepper Surprise

  1. Obtain a small hypodermic needle and syringe
  2. Fill it with Habanero pepper extract or hot sauce.
  3. Inject extract or sauce into your roommate’s fruit, vegetables, cakes, ice cream, and anything else you can find that’s edible.

This will make them “happy”. Additionally they will be scared to eat anything in the house for weeks, including snagging your food for a quick bite.

– From Ryan H. in Dallas, TX

Scare The Hell Out of Mom Prank

I am 11 and on April Fools day, I told my mom I was going to use her shower because mine was busted. I brought a bottled of ketchup with me and I sprayed the stuff everywhere, then I screamed bloody murder. My mom came in and saw the “blood” everywhere and started gagging. It was so cool, even if I was grounded.

– From Allie O.

Makeover Surprise

You need to take someone you really dislike (preferably a blonde) and dye their hair…..

Step 1: Find someone who has shampoo that is not in a clear bottle.

Step 2: Squeeze all the shampoo out!

Step 3: Replace with dye (black is the biggest shock)

– From Hola

Girl Scout Prank

At Girl Scout camp we waded through the lake in the middle of the night to the YMCA camp, and hoisted a huge pear of Wal-Mart pants up the flag pole that said girl scouts rule!

More funny camp pranks.

– From Lin

Cop Joke

A cop pulled me over and asked me how fast I was going? I said, “You should know a-hole your the one that pulled me over.

– From Maria

Poo Gag

If someone pisses you off, get a bit of dog poo, (the fresher the better) and stick it under their car door handle, so it can’t be seen, when they go to open the door they get a handful of sh*t.

– From Danny B.

Clown Face

One of my favorite Funny Pranks is to take makeup and make a clown face on a sleeping friend. It’s a funny surprise when they wake up.

– From Laura N.

The Wet Sleepover Funny Prank

Wait until your victim is asleep. Then get a bowl full of water and stick their hand in it. In the morning they will have a rude awakening when they find out that last night they wet the bed.

– From Zach

Ketchup Packet Prank Surprise

Using 2 ketchup packs, (the type used for carry out fries). I laid one on top of another and rolled the bottoms up together like you would a tube of toothpaste. This creates a double sack of ketchup for the assault.

Using a pin, poke a hole in each one near the exposed end seam on the outer sides. Now you have a ketchup pack that will squirt in two directions at once.

To set this funny prank in motion, place the premade pack below the foot under a toilet seat. The unsuspecting victim will sit down and get shot in the “nether regions” as well as creating a scary discharge into the toilet.

I got a guy who weighed about 250 and thought he had injured his rectum. He was relieved and irritated that it was not.

This was one of the funniest pranks I have ever done.

– From John M. in Silver Lake, OH

Very Tasty Drink Funny Prank

For this funny prank take your friend’s drink, preferably a non fizzy drink, and load it with salt. Whiskey works best.

Prepare a few drinks for you and your mates then challenge them to down it in 1 go! Make sure you know which drink is the salty one! Wait till you see your friend’s face ha ha (evil Laugh).

– From Simon the Whizzkid

Barfarama Funny Prank

You will need: A regular T-Shirt, A Hoody, An empty water bottle, A long tube, A big school with lots of kids, a principle who’s on your revenge list, A can of Potato Soup, Brown and Orange food coloring, and some friends you hire. Here is your prepwork:

  1. Put your T-Shirt and Hoody on. Lift up your hoody and tape the empty water bottle on your shirt.
  2. Mix the potato soup with brown and orange food coloring and anything you want to use for your barf.
  3. Fill the water bottle with your throw-up and put one end of the tube in the bottle and put your hoody over it all. Run the other end of tube under your hoody to the top where it barely sticks out the top.

If you made a good bottle of puke people will think your friends are eating real barf!

WARNING: With your friends eating your throw-up other people might really barf! Stand Away.

– From Brandon

Car Whistle Prank

Take a long, narrow potato (one that will fit well into an exhaust pipe) and drill a hole in it long ways. Then rig a whistle in one end or find one of those long, thin whistles and stick it in the potato hole. Potato goes in the tailpipe. When the victim gets in the car and starts it up they’ll wonder where the hell that noise is coming from!

Or just buy and use the Tailpipe Auto Whistle

– From Whitney in Columbus, GA

(Mean Yet Funny Prank)


Have you noticed how many times people rub their eyes? Well they do heaps you just don’t notice. Best to do this at a friend’s house if you are staying temporarily.

    • Bring a knife and some very hot peppers. The hottest you can get your hands on!
    • Cut the peppers into really fine pieces while your friend isn’t watching. (you can do it in the bathroom)
    • Smear pepper juice all over the door knobs in the house (the victim grabs the knobs in the house not knowing of the substance smeared on the knob.
    • Wash hands thoroughly.
    • Sit back, act normal, and watch and ENJOY the pain of your victim (rubbing there eyes continuously making it worse).

– From Jack and Laurence, Cairns

Makeup Funny Prank

When your bud is sleeping put makeup on his/her face it’s the best prank I ever did it’s guaranteed to cause lots & lots of laughs!!!!!

– From Jodi

Purple Tooth Prank

My friend and I pulled this funny ass prank off. We got up around 4:30 in the morning. My dad gets up at 5 to get ready for work. We got some salt, peppers, and some purple dye (color optional). Make SURE you put the salt on as it makes dye last longer on the brush. After you have put salt on the brush and doused it in dye you should clean up placing the toothbrush back in place. Hope you have as much #*$@ing fun as we did. Embarrass your victim later by saying, “HEY PURPLE TOOTH in public!!!”

– From Jack and Laurence, Cairns

Hot Mouth

If you are sleeping over at a friends house get some hot sauce (and I mean hot, hot sauce) and when they fall asleep put it in there mouth and lips and wait for them to wake up screaming, “Hot, hot, hot!”

– From Mike the Rookie

Vicious Auto Accident Prank

The other day I was talking to my friend, on my cell phone. I noticed a train coming down the nearby railroad tracks, I got a wonderful idea as I was very close to the train track. In the middle of one of my friend’s sentences, the train blew its whistle. I quickly and in a frightened voice said, “oh my god – a train!” Ya see the last he knew, I was in my car driving home but in reality I was simply at a gas station standing near the tracks. I then screamed, “Holy shit!” as the train’s second whistle bellowed, which was obviously closer and louder. I closed my cell quickly with a loud clasp to abruptly end the call. He had to think that I was in a terrible train accident! I called him back immediately to show that I wasn’t really injured. He laughed pretty hard and then I took a crap on his face!

– From Ben Dover in Columbia City, IN

Bologna Suprise (Simple Yet Seriously Funny Prank)

I live in Kansas and I mailed my aunt a piece of bologna . . . . she lives in Arizona!

– From Cameron in Kansas

House Warming Prank

My friend and I did a little housewarming prank for some friends involving some yard decorations. We purchased odd as hell items and then planted them in their front yard. They thought their neighbors were messing with them.

– From Kate!

Fake Winnings Funny Prank

Recently, I typed up a letter congratulating my victim for winning the monthly “Customer Appreciation Contest” at the local Pizza Hut. In the letter it outlined that they won large pizza’s, free appetizer’s, free drinks and a coupon book worth over $300.00 of free stuff.

Of course, everything was made up. There was no contest and the location of the restaurant was made up (make them go to a nearby town they aren’t familiar with). At the top of the page was the familiar Pizza Hut logo, which was easily saved and pasted in the letter I found off the Internet. You can even put the logo on the outside of the envelope with the made up return address. Send it off. I happen to be at my victim’s house when he got the mail that day. They were so excited. They asked me if I wanted to go with them. I quickly declined their offer.

Off they went to get their rewards. They called me later and couldn’t find the Pizza Hut that was stated in the letter. They drove almost thirty miles out of the way trying to find this Pizza Hut. Then they called me back saying they called a Pizza Hut and told them about the letter. They said it was a hoax and they would never give that much food away for free. It was funny, and yes I confessed. Now they want me to send the letter to their relatives and friends.

– From tall Paul

Paper on the Ass Gag

Ok, I did this funny prank at school once. Take a piece of paper and put it on a chair (paper should be same color as the chair.) Put clear glue on the paper and someone will sit on it and be walking around with paper on their but all day.

– From Syreena

Christmas Prank

If someone really wants a dog or something really big for Christmas then this is how you can prank them. Get a big box and put one of your friend’s inside the box wearing a creepy mask (make sure the friend is alive for this one) and then wrap the box. Have your friend make dog noises or they can just sit there. When the person starts opening their presents they will obviously want to open the big gift first. Just think how great it will be when your friends or family member opens that box and they get a hell of a scare from your friend. Hopefully they crap their pants.

– From Kelly

A Couple of Mean Pranks

      • Glue down all of someone’s make-up to the counter.
      • Put itching powder on his/her toilet paper.
      • Put flour on their pillow.
      • Put food coloring in his/her shampoo.

– From Anna

Sleepover Prank

This prank is really funny, I did it last week. First get to a sleepover with two boys and more people if you want them to laugh. Then when they fall asleep get the deepest sleeper and get him into the other person’s sleeping bag. I got some friends to help me lift him up into it. Once he is inside, you can take their clothes off and put their arms around each other. Then when they are wrapped up and one wakes up they will be confused and won’t know what they did! (This will really make them blush).

– From Ann Ulsex in Madison, Wisconsin

Funny Office Prank

Take any umbrella and fill it with any amount of small objects and place back in its original
position. Works best at the office.

More office pranks.

– From Ancient Mumu

Post-It Note Camp Prank

One week at camp this past summer, I and my friends decided to go down in CCA history at Forest Home. CCA’s are volunteers that help out with the family camp kids. Anyways, we are treated like dirt by all of the staff, even the most of our counselors. So we decided to post-it note one of our counselor’s car (one that we actually liked). We covered the entire car in yellow post-its, and it was very time consuming for our counselor to remove them the next morning. HAHA!

More funny camp pranks.

– From Zam

Vacuum Cleaner and Ketchup

Get ketchup, a vacuum cleaner, and put it on your big toe. Turn the vacuum cleaner on and act like your toe got caught in it.

– From Devin Buck in Alabama

Camp Prank

I was a camp counselor and had many pranks played on me along with playing a few myself. As a rookie counselor of 24 years old on my first day of camp I made the mistake of wearing white shorts, white Bobby-socks, white canvas sneakers, and an expensive summer sweater. Big mistake!!! I discovered a bucket of sticky black tar at the bottom of the steps of my cabin.

That is, I discovered the bucket of tar AFTER it became attached to my foot!!! By the end of the day, I had tar all over myself, and my outfit was ruined!!! I found out that another counselor, about 20 years my elder, played the prank on me. She was not laughing so loudly after I put DRANO in her laundry detergent.

More funny camp pranks.

– From Debbie

Mashed Potatoe Suprise Prank

If you are having someone sleeping over who you are just dying to do a prank to, here is a good one. You need another friend to help you pull it off. Have your friend hold the girls arms up and get some mashed potatoes. Lift up her bra and smear the potatoes over her breast and put the bra back she’ll be surprised when she wakes up the next morning. Also to embarrass her you can take pics of her after you do it.

– From Tory

Orajel, What the Hell?

For this funny prank, take one of those small travel sized tubes of regular toothpaste and empty it completely, then refill the empty tube with an entire tube of Orajel (you know that stuff that people use to numb canker soars and tooth aches). If done correctly the next time anyone uses that tube of toothpaste they will surprisingly find that their entire mouth is completely numb. The prank will last about 15 minutes or so. That’s plenty of time to enjoy it.

– From Vaughn J.

Revenge Prank

This prank I did for revenge. One day I was walking home from school and I was walking by my victim’s
house and of course I couldn’t pass this one up. I had a firework smoke gernade. I secretly walked up to
his car, which was unlocked, lit the firework, put it in his car, and hauled ass.

– From Richard G.

Another Camp Prank

Once at Camp Humperton, I put my bare butt on another camp counselor’s face while she was trying to sleep and the cabin was pitch black. Her name was Tracie. It might not sound that bad, but my butt is potched full of wierd craters and I have really bad B.O. (Butt Oder). Trust me, you would not like to be on the recieving end of my bare rank ass.

More funny camp pranks.

– From Joey S. of Cleavland, OH

Tripwire Funny Prank

You need some party poppers, dental floss,
Duct tape, and Talcum powder or whatever you feel like shooting
at someone to pull off this funny prank.

First off, remove the bottom cardboard disk of the party popper and take out the ribbons that normally get shot out of it. Replace the innards with your talcum powder or other powdery substance and reinsert/replace the disk. Now attach the string end you pull to detonate the popper to one end of the dental floss. Choose a place to put the tripwire (e.g. the inside of a door frame) and use duct tape to attach the party popper facing towards your intended victim (preferably head or crotch height). Roll out enough dental floss and tie it to something solid. When the wire is tripped, the explosive will shoot the
Talcum powder out at the person who tripped the booby wire (covering them in it). Hours of pranking fun!

– From Jono

Stick It to The Lazy Ass Soldier Prank

Try this one on someone who is always running really late:

While in the Army, there was a fellow soldier who always overslept and had to be awakened by myself and a friend of mine. Finally, we decided to make a point. We used duct tape to tape the outside of his door frame (the door opened in) with the sticky side facing the inside of the room. We then turned the hallway lights off and stated beating on his door, telling him that he was late and the first sergeant wanted him at formation NOW.

At the sound of a groggy, “I’M UP” we ran down the stairs to formation and waited. About 6 or 7 minutes later, he arrived in formation with
gray duct tape attached to his uniform. What made it even better was the fact that he was still putting it on while he was on his way out the door. He was NEVER late for formation again.

This also works for college dorms and late night fire drills!!

– From Mike

Kitchen Fountain Prank Variant

Another variant on the kitchen fountain prank (with the sprayer) is to use electrical tape, since the sprayer is usually a black color. The colors
match and the tape is a lot harder to see than the rubber band.

– From Mike

Perfect Summer Camp Funny Prank

One day in summer camp, I made fun of some girls who were standing nearby. That night, I had a bad feeling something bad was going to happen but I went to sleep anyway. In the morning I was covered in
makeup, nail polish, lipstick, etc… I never went to that camp again!

More funny camp pranks.

– From Oliver H.

Classic Funny Prank: Get Them Wet Trick

You need a funnel, a penny, a glass or bucket of water handy, and one gullible victim.

Tell your friends/victim that you can do a great trick. Put the funnel in your pants and put the penny on your chin. Drop the penny off your chin into the funnel. When they see you perform this easy trick they will either want to try it or tell if you anyone can do that. When they do, challenge them to go ahead and try. After your victim has the funnel in their pants, and as they put the penny up onto their face, you pour the water into the funnel.

If your victim is not laughing, you should start running.

– From Mathew

The Classic Flaming Bag of Poop Prank

Ok, for this prank you take a paper bag and u put dog $#!+ in it. Then you stuff the bag with dry leaves or paper. Then light it on fire and let it melt on there porch or you can just ring the door bell and run and they’ll stomp on it and have dog $#!+ on there feet.

– From Jordan and Neal

Mean Toilet Paper Prank

This works best if you’re sharing a toilet with someone, like in a hotel or hostel etc:

Sneak the toilet paper from the bathroom and unravel a few feet of it. Slice up a few fresh chilies and sprinkle them over the paper. Leave it a few minutes for the juice to soak up and dry, then roll up the paper and put it back in the bathroom. Wait ’til someone goes for a crap!

– From Gart

Jelled Toilet Bowl Surprise Prank

My friends and I had been planning funny pranks for months that we would play some really nasty tricks on the teachers for the last day of school. We came up with some great ones, putting food coloring in the toilets or putting exploding pens on the teacher’s desk. My favorite prank was “The Jelly Bowl”.

Get two packets of jelly crystals in your desired color (mix them together if you want), some hot water, and a long stick.

Go into the teacher’s bathroom, make sure someone keeps watch, and put the hot water into each toilet bowl, then put the jelly crystals into the toilet bowl. It’s better if each toilet is a different color. Stir the mix with the stick and let it set over night, by morning it will be solid and they won’t be able to just flush it away!!!

Another funny prank to do would have been to fill the sinks with water and do the same thing (again using different colors).
Works like a charm!

– From Osiris

Sleepover Prank

This prank works best at sleepover parties. While everyone else has gone to sleep, choose yourself a victim. Then, go into the kitchen and grab yourself a tomato. Go over to the sleeping victim and put the tomato down the back of their pants. In the middle of the night, the victim will roll around and most likely will squash the tomato and by morning it will be very warm from their body heat.

When they wake up they think, “oh shit” . . . literally, oh SHIT!

– From Chris, the PrankPrince

Puzzling Funny Prank

If your friend is making a puzzle take about five pieces out of there puzzle and take five pieces of another puzzle with similar colors and then swap them. At the end of the puzzle they will be stumped.

– From Carey

Classic Lead Face Quarter Funny Prank

You take a dime/quarter, or any coin with the roughed edges, trace the outside of the coin with a pencil so the edges have graphite on them, and then tell you friend they can have the quarter if they can roll it down the middle of their nose and catch it. Once they roll it down their nose, they will have a long black strip of lead down their face.

– From Jonathon

I Can’t See Funny Prank

My cousin and I went to a nature park one day, with their two dogs (a border collie and a poodle). We put a harness on them, put on sunglasses, and waved sticks in front of us as if we were blind. Through the sunglasses, we could see everyone’s expressions without them seeing that we could actually see where we were going. We began to stumble everywhere, and it was so much fun. Many little kids would stand away from us and stare. And some people even offered to help us. It was all we could do to keep from laughing like crazy and spilling our story…

– From Deann B.

Couple of Revenge Pranks for Women

– Boil your mark’s high heels in hot water and dry them in the oven. They’ll shrink almost a shoe size.

– Smear Vaseline in your mark’s sneakers and sprinkle sand. She’ll never completely clean it out, and the slimy and gritty feels lasts forever.