Easy Gag Jokes

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Here are a few jokes that take very little planning, are very easy to pull off, and will have you chuckling in no time. Most of these gags can only be performed a few times before your friends catch on, but you can get practically everyone you know. Some are perfect to play on those you intimately know and others are best left for strangers. Although you will surely laugh, the fallout from your victims will vary from shock and frustration to utter contempt and disgust.

gag jokes

  • 3 words: Vaseline, Vaseline, Vaseline!
  • BenGay
  • Food Coloring Gag
  • Scotch Taping Prank
  • So Thirsty (Mess with your friend’s drink)
  • Changing Signs
  • Pen Games
  • Nice Photo
  • Bulls-eye!
  • I Need to Return This
  • Salty Toothbrush
  • Deviant Personals
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • Weed Whacker