17 Awesome Christmas Pranks

17 Awesome Christmas Pranks

While my wife says that the holiday season and pranks don’t go together, I firmly disagree. Christmas is a time when people are very open and vulnerable, which is the perfect time to strike and pay them back for being rotten to you for the other 11 months of the year.

Christmas Cookie Surprise Prank Craptacular

Image of Cookie Crapper

Cookie Craptacular Prank

Purchase or make a batch of cookies for your coworkers that you will place in a holiday tin. Now take a photo of one of the cookies resting on a toilet seat. Place the photo near the bottom of the tin where the last or close to the last cookie that is grabbed will reveal your nasty photo. Word will spread fast of your holiday prank and your coworkers will be absolutely disgusted. I leave it to you to decide if you actually want to include the cookie that was resting on the toilet seat.I personally went around to each of my coworkers and offered them a cookie from a similar tin that is in the photo. I then emailed them the photo once everyone had gobbled their cookies down. I heard a chorus of, “Ugghhhh. Gross!!!” after hitting the send button.

Yank a Gift Gag

Gift box on a string prank to be yanked out of your victims hand when they answer the door. Image of Christmas Prank Gift Wrapped Box

Garlic and Onion Cookies or Cupcakes

Make garlic and onion chocolate covered cookies or cupcakes.

Rouge Holiday Tailor Practical Joke

Give your victim socks or other clothing goods and sew up the holes so they can’t fit their feet or arms through the sleeves.

Piss On Santa’s Lap Prank

Pay a neighborhood kid to pee on Santa’s lap. This idea came from Free Revenge Ideas.

Fake Rat in the Holiday Food Dish or Box

Put a fake animated rat in any pitch-in food dish like this video shows here.
Buy a fake rat here from PrankPlace.comFake Rat Prank

Cupboard Scare Holiday Practical Joke

Place an obnoxious motion activated holiday singing toy in the cupboard. Like this Holiday Singing Billy Bass wall fish Here is a longer explanation called the Singing Holiday Prank.

Greeting Card Sound Loop Holiday Prank

Find a greeting card that has a repeatable loop and then tear off the sound device. Set it to the on position and hide it in your victims office or in their car so that it drives them bonkers.

Hanging Dummy On The Roof

I couldn’t find the original source of this photo but it made the rounds on the Internet and mainly via an email post for holiday season 2009. Let’s hope for more email goodies in our inbox this year. Here is a description and large photo of the holiday shenanigan.

Image of Best Christmas Decorations Ever

This kind of accident really happened to someone. Read about it here in the Fox Phoenix.

Help a Neighbor Decorate Practical Joke

Decorate your neighbors house for them – the more tacky, the better according to the parenting section at annarbor.com.

Naughty Decoration Pranks

Image of Naughty Decoration Pranks

Check out the naughty and ugly decorations at www.UglyChristmasLights.com for x-mas light decoration pranking inspiration. Here is a video of someone pranking their neighbors.

Gift Wrap Everything in Site Holiday Prank

Image of Gift Wrapped Cubicle

Use gift wrap to wrap up everything in someones cubicle, office, or bedroom. This along with other xmas prank photos from LOLPranks.com. Here is a video of gift wrapping everything people already own from CollegeHumor.com.

Mess with Christmas Lights Prank

Change the timer on your friends holiday lights to come on at 6am and go off at 11am instead of pm. This along with a couple other holiday pranks at Associated Content.

You are Now Santa Prank

Send a huge volume of santa letters to the home of your friend with mean messages.Upside Down Christmas Tree PrankNail a tree to the ceiling (complete with all ornaments!): Holiday Prank Phone Calls, This guy tells a lady he works for the government and he is going to shut her lights off if she doesn’t because they are rubbish and tasteless:

Empty Chocolate Box Prank

Image of Chocolate Prank

Empty Chocolate Box Prank

Place an empty holiday chocolate gift box in the break room at work. Place a couple rocks in the box, in case your victim shakes the box to see if there is candy left. They will be highly dissapointed once they open the box and see your note, “Better luck next time dirt bag.” You might also enjoy these holiday/winter themed posts: