Caramel Onions and Apples Prank

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Caramel Onions and Apples
This is a great fall time prank and holiday prank to fool your friends, family or coworkers with. You will coat onions and some apples with traditional caramel candy apple toppings and put a stick through them. Present them on a nice platter tray to your guests or take them into work for a nice effect.For those unlucky enough to bite into the caramel coated onions instead of the apple, their mouth is going to feel terrorized and tortured. Nobody wants to taste onion candy when they expect apples!

What do you need for this prank?

Caramel Onion Apple Prank Ingredients

Caramel Onion Apple Prank Ingredients

  • Caramel Candies and a microwavable bowl.
  • 2 Apples of the same size – smallish works well.
  • 6 Pealed onions that are the same size as the apples.
  • Crushed nuts for a topping.
  • Wax Paper.
  • Classy looking serving platter.

What do you do?

Halloween prank or fall time prank.

Dunking Apples

  • Microwave the caramel candies so they get gooey an soft.
  • Dunk your apples and onions into the caramel goo and pull them out and place on the wax paper.
  • Poke your Popsicle stick through the onions/apples.
  • Top some of them with nuts.
  • You might have to place some more caramel near the stick to cover up any white showing through the caramel as they cool.
  • Placing in the fridge can help them cool a little faster.
  • Place on your platter and find your victims!

Tip: Make the apple versions first so they don’t taste at all like onions – at least you can enjoy 1 or 2 for yourself!

Have you had a food prank pulled on you? We’d love to hear about it – leave a comment or submit your own pranks!

Here is a video of people playing this prank on their children!