April Fools Pranks

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This April Fools Pranks list is a collection of visitor submitted pranks for April 1st.  Please let me know which ones you think are funny in the comments.  If you have your own April Fools Day pranks that you have pulled or had pulled on you, submit your jokes here.

Leave the Wrapper on Cheese Prank

Ok, this is a classic prank you can pull on April Fools on your family members.  Start making a sandwich and see if your brother or sister, or even father wants a sandwich too.  For theirs, make sure you use a slice of fat free cheese – and now here’s the thing.  Leave the wrapper on the cheese!


April Fools PranksWatch in laughter as they chomp down on the first bite and get that plastic wrapper all ground in with their food.  You can pull this type of April Fools Day prank with anyone and you’ll get them almost every time.

– Josh

Mean To Grandma April Fools Day Prank

I did this prank on April Fools. I took my grandma’s toothbrush and put nonstick cooking spray (don’t ask why) on the bristles. Then I made sure she couldn’t see the the spray. Then when she went to brush the few teeth she has left she got a horrible taste and feeling in her mouth :)

– Ana from Kansas City, MO

Note from Smidge: Wow Ana!  This is great!  Did anyone else pull these mean pranks on their grandparents?  I was always too afraid to pull shenanigans on my grandparents.

April Fools Blues

On April Fools Day my sister came home from college for her upcoming birthday and stayed at our house. She likes to take long showers so, I took a food coloring tablet and unscrewed the shower head and put it under it and put the shower head back on. The next day she was blue.
– Casey

April Fools Nose Bleed Gag

For April 1st, me and my little brother had red food die from a school project he was working on. My mom took me and my older bro, to my grandmother’s house and I went in to the bathroom and applied red food die (it was like gel) right at the bottom of my nose. I sniffed it up so that it looked like it came out of my nose and I went into the kitchen where my mom and my other relatives were and said, “Mom my nose hurts is it okay?” I took my hand off of my nose and my mom said “Oh my GOD!! My Daughter’s is BLEEDING!” I couldn’t help but just start laughing.  She was soooo pissed.

P.S. I also once used it to get out of gym class!  Have fun and good luck!

– Americas sweetheart

You are Being Deported – April Fools!

On April Fools Day last year, I did a real neat prank on my sister.  I got a few of my older adult friends to dress up as immigration cops and arrest her.  She kept saying over an over that she was British.  Before they hauled her off I burst in and said April fools ha ha ha ha.  She was fuming!

– Richard G. from the UK

Perfectly Rich April Fools Day Prank

On april fools, have your mate call your friend or family member and in a game show host voice tell them they have just won a sweepstakes drawing and they will be coming to their front door with a check in just a few minutes.  Ring their doorbell and say, “April Fools!”

– Gabriella from Trevor WI

April Fools Golf Gag

My uncle is an avid golf player and is very proud of all of his golf clubs and balls. He is always bragging when he beats me and my sister at it.  The night before april fools day, we decided to do a little golf prank. When he went to sleep we got up and snuck into the garage where he kept all of his golf stuff. We opened the back door and took his golf sticks, leaving traces that made it look like they had been stolen. The only thing we left out was a golf club sock and placed it by the door.  The next morning we could hear him getting up for a big and then heard a big scream and some running around frantically. We sat up in bed as he shot into our room. He told us his golf sticks had been stolen and he was going to call the police.  We played along until he was majorly stressed out, then I finally asked, “what day is it today uncle?” He looked at me puzzled and said “april the first,  why?” and me and my sister burst out laughing.  He nearly fainted.

– Rebecca from the UK

Its April 1st and I’m Pregnant Prank

Last april fools, I told my mom I was pregnant from my neighbor. I have been crushing on him for a really long time so she ran to the next door neighbor and yelled at him but he was already in on the joke he fake cried.  When I finally told her we were just playing and that it was april fools, she was so mad at me.  lol!

– Tatiana

Revenge April Fools Pranks on Deadbeat Room Mates

Everybody knows that the problem with April Fools Day is that it only happens once a year. I think that the date should have nothing to do with getting Schadenfreude revenge on those endearing aholes that we know. To jump start your imaginations, here are a couple April Fools ideas to help out:

  • Pee in the washing machine after they run a load of laundry but before they stick it in the drier, take a fat leak in their newly freshened clothes. If you eat plenty of asparagus before hand, the smell of baked wee should permeate their clothes for quite some time! This is even better if they are running late for work or a date, so they have to wear the clothes anyway!
  • Remove their vehicle registration tags.  This one could take some time to mature, but it is easy as pie! Just take an exacto knife to their tags, and pull them off! Sooner or later, a cop will be asking questions about why their registration has expired, and if you are lucky this will coincide with some other illegal activity! Tip from a pro: if you want to save some money, consider transferring them to your vehicle.  Actually that prank is illegal and could cost you money.  Come to think of it, most of these are and shouldn’t be done.
  • Unplug their refrigerator.  You’ve got to plan for this one by making sure you don’t have any perishable food in the fridge at the time. After a couple of days, they will start to wonder why their milk smells like @ss, and if you are lucky they will discover the taste before they smell the smell!
  • Use their email, phone number, and address on online forms.  This one is easy. Just go online to websites of “ill repute” and enter their contact information! Watch with glee as their email inbox gets spammed, telemarketing calls eat up their cellphone minutes and their mailbox gets filled up ads.
  • Goatse their email contacts (see here for what this means: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goatse). Next time they forget to sign out of their email, select all their contacts and email out a good old fashioned Goatse. If they don’t sign out of facebook, set it as their profile picture. People will be pissed, and if you get it in facebook, there is a very high chance their account will be banned!
  • Implant their computer chair with Neodynium Magnets. Next time they sit down, their credit card and cell phone will get a taste of justice!
  • Get them a surprise Ku Klux Klan membership.  This one costs a bit of money, but the laughs will be more than worth it! Imagine their shock as they show up on Klan mailing lists, get Klan phone calls, and discover that they can never hold a government job because they are on the rolls of a terrorist organization!

– Anonymous from Arizona State University

April Fools – I’m Actually Not Dead

Go into your kitchen. Then, get your bottle of ketchup. Put ketchup around your mouth. Also put it on your hands and arms. When your victim comes, fall on the ground. Make sure they don\’t see you fall. When they freak out and try to call the police, jump up and scream APRIL FOOLS!!! Make sure the  victim doesn’t actually call the police. This trick is classical, classy, and funny. I’ve done this april fools prank millions of time.

– Mary

Another I’m Not Dead April Fools Prank

If you have a sibling this will work perfect!!!!!!!! Have your little sibling pretend he/her is dead run out to your mum or dad and star yelling, HE/SHE IS DEAD!!!!!!! Have them come running into their room freaking out. Then have your sibling jump up and yell, “APRIL FOOLS!!!!”

– Lindzey

Margaret’s List of April Fools Pranks

  • Last year for April Fools I wrapped everything my roommate owned in its own package in newspaper.  Every.  Single.  Thing.  (i.e. a pen, pillow, laptop, books, blush, mascara, chair, shirts, hangers, brush, shoes, socks… you get the idea).
  • In my dorm last year, the doors opened in and there was a small frame around the door (providing a gap between the door and the frame), so I had some friends who when they opened their doors on April Fools discover that they had been duct taped into their rooms.  Very funny.
  • Cover the floor of some one’s room with clear shiny plastic cups and fill them 1/3 with water.  Put a live goldfish in 1 out of every 7 or so and it will look like there are fish in every single one.
  • Buy a LOT of packing peanuts and fill somebody\’s room with them.  This works well in a dorm room in December when everything is staticky.


  • If you have a Mac, take the remote control that comes with it next time you go to the library and have some fun… they affect all Macs in the vicinity.  It’s great on April Fools!

– Margaret

April Fools Pranks

Sticky Newspaper For April Fools

Take the news paper and super glue them together(the thicker the better).  I did this for April Fool’s Day and it was funny to see the reaction!!!

– Erica G.

Stick it to Grandpa Joke

We pull this same prank on my grandfather every single April Fools and he never catches on.  Every morning he makes a pot of coffee and he loves his coffee sweet with sugar and cream.  But instead of sugar we substitute his sugar with SALT.  So when he puts his 3 spoonfuls of “SUGAR” in he is getting a cupful of salty coffee.  He then proceeds to poor out the whole pot thinking we contaminated his pot of coffee not thinking is just the sugar bowl.

– Dallas from Sylvania, Georgia

Scare April Fools Prank

Last year on April Fools Day, I pulled a scare prank on my sister. I told her to come in my room and look on my bed. I quickly hid under the bed and when she came next to my bed, I quickly grabbed both her ankles and tugged. It was hilarious and my favorite april fools day yet!!!!