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What The Hell Office Prank

Image of alcohol for an office prank

by Smidge Boyter on October 8, 2010

To pull this office prank off you need a camera, a large recognizable bottle of alcohol, and an employee who has just recently been hired. This prank works best if it is cold outside and the new employee, the victim, brings a coat to work. Otherwise, choose a new coworker who carries a large bag. You should start the joke by asking the victim to go to lunch, as is common during a person’s first week on the job. Somehow hide the bottle of booze in the coat pocket or sleeve of your victim’s jacket. Have a colleague ready to snap a photo and ask your new coworker if they are all set to go. Once they go for their jacket, they will pull out the bottle of alcohol, and your friend will take a picture of them holding the contraband. Now you can tell them that having alcohol on premise is grounds for dismissal and it is not tolerated in this organization.

Image of StaplerAt this point, the victim will almost be shitting their pants and wondering what in the hell is going on. What a wonderful way to introduce your new coworker to their latest work environment. After letting them in on the joke, I suppose depending on how they handle it, you will know if your company has hired someone you can get along with or someone who you can just go ahead and hand in the picture to management, definitely a win-win situation. As an alternative to alcohol, you could just stuff the jacket with a stapler or other oddball object and then later in the week say something like, “Hey, just as an FYI, I wouldn’t take any office supplies home for personal use, they’ve really started cracking down on that sort of stuff. The girl before you got fired her first week on the job for stealing little things, like printer paper.” They will be thinking to themselves, “What the hell is going on? Is someone trying to get me fired?”

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