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What Meeting Office Prank

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by Smidge Boyter on October 8, 2010

This office prank works well for people who are employed at large companies where many employees work in the same building. In larger companies you get a bureaucracy effect where the organization must hold many meetings to keep the machine running. Why not make up a few fake meeting notices to post around the office for your fellow coworkers? Something like this near the water cooler is bound to get a few people interested:

HR Benefits Meeting @ 3pm Monday, April 17th, Room 318

On the notice you could leave the phone number of a coworker who works near your desk so you can hear when people call them to complain that no one from HR was at the meeting. With this type of joke, it’s best to make sure no on knows you posted the phony meeting. Obviously, you could get in some pretty hot water.

Another outstanding trick is to post a notice for an event or function that will be held at a location outside of the office. For example, you could post a notice that reads:

Happy Hour Party

Come talk, play darts, shoot pool, eat, and drink on the company’s dime. We are footing the bill for appetizers and cocktails from 6-8 pm at the Old Point Haven this Thursday, September 21!

Show up to the bar just to see if anyone else makes it to the party. Just watch as people mill about and ask each other if they know who organized the event and where they are supposed to meet. Maybe you’ll get lucky and one of your bosses will pull out a company credit cart to buy rounds while thinking he’ll get reimbursed later.

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