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Weed Wacker

by Smidge Boyter on October 8, 2010

If you are ever driving down a country road with a friend and you see the sides of the road are overdue for a trimming, see if your passenger’s arm is out the window. If it is, veer close to the roads edge and try to get the weeds to whack against your friend’s arm. It really hurts if you are going fast enough. If your friend doesn’t have their hand out the window, you may be able to try to lure them into getting their arm out by telling them to “pull some weeds,” or by saying “the air feels so good” and sticking your arm out first. Maybe even pretend like your arm is riding a make believe roller coaster by playing with the friction and resistance of the wind, make it look tempting in order to sucker them into putting their arm out the window too. There is nothing like giving your friend a few minor abrasions by smacking weeds at 40 mph.

This can also be done if you see a tree that has some low hanging leaves. On second thought, you better not do this; your friend could loose a valuable appendage due to a metal sign hidden in the weeds or a tree branch hidden by leaves. I apologize to all my friends who I have put in harms way in the past.

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