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Trash Can Trick Gag

Trash can prank

by Smidge Boyter on October 5, 2010

In public spaces chewing gum can be found virtually anywhere you look: on the sidewalks, under restaurant tables, beneath park benches, the bottom of trashcans, etc. The next time you are out with some friends, if you happen to be chewing a piece of gum, hide the gum between your fingers, reach your hand into a trash can or under the restaurant table, act like you are pulling out a piece of used gum, and stick it into your mouth. You should make your friends believe you are oblivious to them or anyone else watching. As you put the gum into your mouth, look around and if they are watching you, make an expression of shame or utter surprise, as though you didn’t want them to catch you staking your claim to the used gum. ┬áThis is a some what Gross Gag!

They will think you are absolutely disgusting. Whether or not you want to tell them it was a gag is up to you, although most will know you are joking. The same type of actions can also be used to fool children or family members into thinking you are eating poisonous berries from a tree or discarded food from a trashcan.

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rammy October 3, 2013 at 9:13 pm

i will do that tonight thanks


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