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Scotch Tape Prank

Image of tape used for pranks

by Smidge Boyter on October 8, 2010

Two excellent qualities of Scotch tape are that it does a good job of holding things together and it is not easily detectable at first glance. This makes Scotch tape great for taping down items like your coworkers phone receiver or taping their mouse ball so the electronic items seem to be malfunctioning.

Scotch tape can be placed over the keyhole on cars and doors and because the adhesive is clear, it won’t be seen by your victims. At first the person will attempt to insert the key several times, may think they have the wrong key, and hopefully, for a brief moment, fret in dismay with the thought they are locked out of their car, only seconds later realizing, they were fooled by a gag. Try this joke the next time you visit your friend’s house, perhaps when it’s dark out so you won’t be seen. They’ll never know or be able to prove it was you and most likely will think it was just “some damn neighbor kids.”

Tape can also be used to affix items to people, like signs. Everyone has seen the old “kick me” sign joke, but you will surely be able to think of something more creative and original. If you go out during lunch, place signs on coworkers before you arrive at the restaurant. If your fellow workers have a good sense of humor you may want to include crude comments such as, “Proud sponsor and promoter of porn,” “16 is not too young,” or “Masturbation is a right, damn it!” It doesn’t matter if the sign is even seen by anyone outside your group, it will still get a laugh once the person discovers what they have been wearing.

You can also turn magazine pages or packaged food boxes into ready-to-go signs without doing any work at all. Once, I cut off the top of a Hostess HoHo box and attached it to a colleague’s back. He just happened to be trying to loose weight at the time and was on a diet; I think in the end he appreciated the joke and came to see it as a motivational aide to loosing his extra poundage around his fat gut.

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Moiunuddin November 9, 2010 at 1:43 pm

This is undetectable prank ….


terry December 17, 2010 at 12:13 am

Here’s a prank a few co-workers and i pulled on another coworker we didn’t like.

One night, we smeared a little bit of ketchup on a new tampon and taped it to a co-worker’s back and let her walk around for awhile. She couldn’t figure why we kept giggling, and making comments like “how’s it flowing”.


anonymous September 30, 2011 at 9:41 pm

Nice one haha


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