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Quickie Scare Prank Video

Scare Prank Video

by Smidge Boyter on November 7, 2010

In this quickie scare prank video, my sister’s friend is coming over to drop something off. My sister lays down faking unconsciousness on the floor and I wait behind the door with a big knife, big stick, and a crazy ass wig on my head.

Here are some other funny scare prank videos I found on youtube for your viewing pleasure:

In this prank, this guy puts on a scream mask and scares his buddy in the shower. Poor dude tries to make the bad guy go away by throwing a pillow at him and then he actually climbs out the window!

This is a collection of people scaring their girlfriends which involves gift giving, scary masks, bathroom scares, mannequin head, and many tears:

An absolutely lovely scare prank using a computer and cranked up speakers:


Send me your funny pranks.

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Jeroge November 9, 2010 at 12:03 pm

Woww!Thats so prank dude….


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