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Push Into Water Camp Prank

Image of lake for camp prank

by Smidge Boyter on October 9, 2010

The camp I worked in had a large rectangular pier, where we would watch the children swim, boat, and play at other water sports. Not all the counselors would be wearing their bathing suits during the designated water activities (and no, they were not naked). Those foolish enough to venture onto the pier dressed in attire not fit for swimming, were always considered fair game and targeted for a drink in the lake.

Image of LakeThe ultimate prize was to push a fellow coworker in when they were wearing nice clothes or carrying their wallet. The thought that ran through my mind as I was being thrown in the lake with my wallet was, “Damn it! It is going to take my money forever to dry.” Although the risk of the push in still applies for camps with a pool, I believe it is much grosser to be thrown into a lake because seaweed and other microorganisms are free to attach to your clothing and funk it up. This camp prank also works outside of camps, all you need is a friend with clothes on and an open body of water!

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