Pull Away Prank

by Smidge Boyter on October 9, 2010

The next time you go to hand off a small object, like a piece of gum, to your friend, pull the item away just as they are about to grasp it. Repeat this several times and watch then get annoyed very quickly. This prank can be very frustrating for the person on the other end. After doing this on several different occasions, your friends will either yank the item from your hand or just wait there until you actually place it in their hand. If they wait for you with an outreached hand, gently lay the object down in their palm and say, “I’m sorry, look, just take it.” When you see their fingers start to curl, yank it away again! This will really get them pumped. Now is the time when you smack them in the mouth and call them a hypocrite. Ok, maybe you don’t need to smack them in the mouth but you should at least call them a name or two.

Once your friends start to catch on, they may say things like “I’m not playing your games.” When they do this, you must learn to perfect the pull away. To perfect the pull away joke, you must develop a sense for the exact moment when your friend is about to grab the item from your hand, while looking in the opposite direction. This way they think you are not playing the game because they perceive you are focused on other elements in your environment. It helps if you have good peripheral vision so you can still see when they move their arm to take the gum or pen out of your hand. I even like to play this joke on strangers and then act like nothing is wrong or that it was an “accident” because I didn’t know they wanted the item in my hand. For instance, I like to act as though I am conversing with friends at a table and make a gesture with my arms as the waiter goes to take my credit card.

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john granger November 23, 2010 at 9:22 am

this is something i have experienced before but the end of it is really good


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