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Office Pranks

Offices can be a great place to play funny pranks. Often office pranks can be used as a tool to help build lasting relationships with your coworkers. Then again, the wrong office prank can get you fired! Check out our office pranks that we came up with as well as visitor submitted office pranks.

Shocking Mouse Office Prank

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As I write this office prank, my fingers are still tingling from experimenting with my fake computer mouse. The makers of this product got the voltage dose absolutely right. The strength of the shock sends a jolt up your arm and you can feel the electrons run through your body. I don’t know if the […]

Office Paper Mix-up Prank

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The next time someone from your office prints out a document that is greater than 50 pages make sure that you pick up the stack from the printer and deliver the document to their desk. No, you are not being kind to them, you are going to be executing a mean office prank. You are […]

What The Hell Office Prank

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To pull this office prank off you need a camera, a large recognizable bottle of alcohol, and an employee who has just recently been hired. This prank works best if it is cold outside and the new employee, the victim, brings a coat to work. Otherwise, choose a new coworker who carries a large bag. […]

What Meeting Office Prank

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This office prank works well for people who are employed at large companies where many employees work in the same building. In larger companies you get a bureaucracy effect where the organization must hold many meetings to keep the machine running. Why not make up a few fake meeting notices to post around the office […]

Earful of Toothpaste Office Prank

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How often do you look at the earpiece of your phone prior to answering calls at work? If you are like most people, probably never. This is why when you put a gooey substance on someone’s phone, it will end up being smeared all over and in their ear if they receive a phone call. […]

Boss Needs You Office Prank

This is a great little office prank to play on your colleagues at work. Tell one of your coworkers your boss or their immediate supervisor wants to see them right away, preferably when their supervisor is in a meeting. They will walk into their boss’s office interrupting the meeting and probably become apprehensive because everyone […]

Visitor Submitted Office Pranks

Visitor Submitted Office Pranks 1. Hook all the paper clips together so that when they pull one out, they all come out together. 2. On a daily basis, after work, go in and empty someone’s stapler so that it has 2 or 3 staples in it. The owner will be pissed that they have to […]

Look Out Below – Office Prank

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This recipe for fun starts out with your choice of ingredients. One set will most likely only cause irritation and evil will towards you. The other will get your coworker very angry, could damage electronic equipment, and could get you fired. Depending on which you prefer, fill a large paper cup (preferably 20 oz or […]