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Home Pranks

Home Pranks are great for fooling or scaring your family members. These house pranks have been used to trick brothers, sisters, cousins, your parents, and possibly a mail man or service delivery worker!

Caramel Onions and Apples Prank

Caramel Onions and Apples Prank

This is a great fall time prank and holiday prank to fool your friends, family or coworkers with. You will coat onions and some apples with traditional caramel candy apple toppings and put a stick through them. Present them on a nice platter tray to your guests or take them into work for a nice […]

Mail Prank

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Ever send an anonymous package or piece of mail that looks like it is from someone else or another organization? If not, now is a great time to start. This joke has endless variation, limitless potential for humor, and you can choose how much effort you wish to put into the gag. For example, you […]

Rearrange the house prank

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Interior Decorator Practical Joke This is a great gag that you can try on your friends when they leave town on vacation. If you have a key to their place, or know where they stash their spare, you can do a little dirty work before they return by rearranging the furniture in their house. Depending […]