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Easy Pranks

Here are some easy pranks that take very little planning, are very easy to pull off, and will have you chuckling in no time. Most of these pranks can only be performed a few times before your friends catch on, but you can get practically everyone you know. Some are perfect to play on those you intimately know and others are best left for strangers. Although you will surely laugh, the fallout from your victims will vary from shock and frustration to utter contempt and disgust.

Sugar Packet Car Prank

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Surprise! The sugar packet car prank is going to rain sugar down on you! A coworker once left their car keys out on their desk while they went to the bathroom. I grabbed the car keys, a roll of scotch tape, and headed to the parking lot after making a quick detour to the kitchen […]

Weed Wacker

If you are ever driving down a country road with a friend and you see the sides of the road are overdue for a trimming, see if your passenger’s arm is out the window. If it is, veer close to the roads edge and try to get the weeds to whack against your friend’s arm. […]

Singing Holiday Prank

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With each new winter holiday it seems like more and more products are battery operated, move, and sing songs or make loud noises. Many of these toys activate when they detect nearby sound or motion. Perhaps the most famous is the James Brown doll that sings, “I feel good!” and does a little jig whenever […]

Deviant Personals Prank

This gag involves cutting out either personal ads or 900 number hotline ads for your friend’s significant other to find. In newspapers in larger cities, there is usually a section of sensual personal ads for adults seeking to engage in what some term deviant behaviors. In alternative newspapers there are also 900 phone number ads […]

Salty Toothbrush Prank

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You probably already know what you need to do to pull this prank just from reading the title. That’s right, take your victim’s toothbrush, wet it, and then smear the bristles with a ton of table salt. The next time your buddy goes to brush his teeth; he won’t know what hit him. Just make […]

Food Prank Insertion

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When I was in high school, I liked to take toothpicks and hide them in fruit and butter at my friend’s house for their parents to find later. Imagine uncovering a hidden piece of wood, as you butter your toast or bite into an apple. My friend’s mother was really freaked out and returned some […]

Bullseye Prank

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Whenever I play darts with someone for the first time, I always like to scoop this prank up out of my standard bag o’ tricks: Wait until each of you have thrown a few turns and your friend is nice and relaxed. On the next round, after throwing your darts, walk up to the board, […]

Pen Games Prank

Pen games are pranks that involve playing a joke on someone by writing something where it shouldn’t be or by changing something they’ve written to something else. In high school and in college I used to write on the cover of other peoples’ notebooks. Drawing “I little boys” in large letters on your friends’ notebooks […]

Sign Pranks

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For me, personally, signs with movable letters have always been a tempting treat. I see these signs as a practical joker’s word game, similar to Scrabble. You have a set amount of letters and you must turn them into something funny. However, to get a chance to pull off this joke you have to either […]

Beverage Prank

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The next time you have some friends over for a cookout, make sure to have plenty of bottled water available for your guests. When a friend drinking one of the bottled waters leaves for the restroom, take some white vinegar and dump about 2 ounces of the sour liquid into their drink before they return. […]

Scotch Tape Prank

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Two excellent qualities of Scotch tape are that it does a good job of holding things together and it is not easily detectable at first glance. This makes Scotch tape great for taping down items like your coworkers phone receiver or taping their mouse ball so the electronic items seem to be malfunctioning. Scotch tape […]

Food Coloring Prank

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Food coloring is a great way to get someone to throw out his or her milk well before its expiration date. Just add a few drops of black food dye to a jug of milk and your friend will think it has curdled. I used to like to taint my milk and then drink from […]