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Pranks come in all shapes and sizes. You can buy pranks or create your very own concoction that will frustrate, annoy, or down right humiliate your mark.

Caramel Onions and Apples Prank

Caramel Onions and Apples Prank

This is a great fall time prank and holiday prank to fool your friends, family or coworkers with. You will coat onions and some apples with traditional caramel candy apple toppings and put a stick through them. Present them on a nice platter tray to your guests or take them into work for a nice […]

Computer Auto Correct Prank

Auto Correct Prank

This is a guest prank from Theo. If visiting a friends house or similar to do homework on a PC, this is a great little prank that is reversable and can be very, very funny. Check which kind of computer they have, If it is windows XP or newer, then you’re in luck! Try getting […]

17 Awesome Christmas Pranks

17 Awesome Christmas Pranks

While my wife says that the holiday season and pranks don’t go together, I firmly disagree. Christmas is a time when people are very open and vulnerable, which is the perfect time to strike and pay them back for being rotten to you for the other 11 months of the year. Christmas Cookie Surprise Prank […]

Sugar Packet Car Prank

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Surprise! The sugar packet car prank is going to rain sugar down on you! A coworker once left their car keys out on their desk while they went to the bathroom. I grabbed the car keys, a roll of scotch tape, and headed to the parking lot after making a quick detour to the kitchen […]

Visitor Submitted Camp Pranks

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X-lax Surprise Camp Prank On my grade 8 end year trip we went camping. The girls wanted to get the boys good. So what we did was made brownies and put x-lax in them. The boys were eating them all the way to the camp. When we arrived at the camp, we hid all the […]

Bush Dive Prank

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Several bushes and pine trees that lined the roads and trails of the camp I worked at. Frequently as a camp prank, we would push one another into these bushes and trees. The best time to get another counselor was when you first woke up in the morning and were making your way for breakfast […]

Shark Attack Camp Prank

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Every child who has swam in a lake or the ocean, where you can not see to the bottom of the water you are swimming in, has been startled when something bumps their leg or body. Some may think for a brief moment that a monster or large fish is attacking them and panic, until […]

Mud Bath Camping Prank

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This camping prank is another form of the gag that I call “Hose Off” (discussed in Chapter 3, Irritating Jokes). Just beneath the sandy layer of the camp’s swimming area rest a layer of goopy muck. The muck was a combination of mud, clay, small pebbles, and decaying matter that smelled quite rank. Occasionally, as […]

Push Into Water Camp Prank

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The camp I worked in had a large rectangular pier, where we would watch the children swim, boat, and play at other water sports. Not all the counselors would be wearing their bathing suits during the designated water activities (and no, they were not naked). Those foolish enough to venture onto the pier dressed in […]

Shocking Mouse Office Prank

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As I write this office prank, my fingers are still tingling from experimenting with my fake computer mouse. The makers of this product got the voltage dose absolutely right. The strength of the shock sends a jolt up your arm and you can feel the electrons run through your body. I don’t know if the […]

Office Paper Mix-up Prank

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The next time someone from your office prints out a document that is greater than 50 pages make sure that you pick up the stack from the printer and deliver the document to their desk. No, you are not being kind to them, you are going to be executing a mean office prank. You are […]

What The Hell Office Prank

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To pull this office prank off you need a camera, a large recognizable bottle of alcohol, and an employee who has just recently been hired. This prank works best if it is cold outside and the new employee, the victim, brings a coat to work. Otherwise, choose a new coworker who carries a large bag. […]

What Meeting Office Prank

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This office prank works well for people who are employed at large companies where many employees work in the same building. In larger companies you get a bureaucracy effect where the organization must hold many meetings to keep the machine running. Why not make up a few fake meeting notices to post around the office […]

Earful of Toothpaste Office Prank

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How often do you look at the earpiece of your phone prior to answering calls at work? If you are like most people, probably never. This is why when you put a gooey substance on someone’s phone, it will end up being smeared all over and in their ear if they receive a phone call. […]

Boss Needs You Office Prank

This is a great little office prank to play on your colleagues at work. Tell one of your coworkers your boss or their immediate supervisor wants to see them right away, preferably when their supervisor is in a meeting. They will walk into their boss’s office interrupting the meeting and probably become apprehensive because everyone […]