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This is our collection of prank videos. If you have a funny prank video that you would like us to post. Please send it to us and if we like it we will post it to this site.

Short Sheet the Bed Prank

Short Sheet the Bed Prank

Short Sheeted – a prank from Jade. This prank is really easy to pull on anyone. Start by unmaking someone`s bed – take off everything but the fitted sheets Take the flat sheets and put the top of the sheet all the way above where your pillow usually lies. Wrap it under the mattress like […]

Youngest Prankster Ever

Baby Prank

Here is a video of what I believe is probably the youngest prankster ever! He’s using the only skill that he has available to him to deliver a punishing finger bite to his brother. The best part about this baby is that he knew exactly what he was doing as you can see him laughing […]

Winter Prank Videos

Winter Pranks

Here are some great winter time prank videos to scare away the cold and snow. Follow the funny shoveled path to nowhere Giant Snowball prank – that looks painful and dangerous! These next 4 are from one of my favorite prank tv shows called Trigger Happy TV. Unfortunately these idiots won’t allow embedding of their […]

11 Christmas Gag Gift Ideas for Holiday Cheer

Lump of Coal Gag Gift

Gag Gift Card with Very Low Balance Give a Gift Card with the balance used down to a very small leftover amount, like $.11. If you are feeling especially mischievous, you could give a gift certificate to a high end restaurant so that they will get a really big bill after eating and have to […]

Quickie Scare Prank Video

Scare Prank Video

In this quickie scare prank video, my sister’s friend is coming over to drop something off. My sister lays down faking unconsciousness on the floor and I wait behind the door with a big knife, big stick, and a crazy ass wig on my head. Here are some other funny scare prank videos I found […]

Funny Prank: The Special Doughnut

Funny Prank Video - The Special Doughnut

Funny Prank: The Special Doughnut.  This prank was shot during a camping trip.  You will need the following for this prank: Syringe to inject a custom creme filling.  I got mine for free by asking the pharmacy at Kroger grocery for one.  I didn’t tell them it was for a prank though! Custom creme filling […]

Funniest Scare Tactics Prank Ever Made

Image of Funny Scare Tactics prank video

Happy Halloween everyone! In honor of Halloween, I wanted to share this scare prank video from Scare Tactics called: Channeling the Dead / Gary the Babysitter For me, this prank video is hands down the funniest Scare Tactics prank that I have ever seen. I absolutely love Gary’s reaction to the scary pranks they are […]

Exploding Gag

Video Thumb for Exploding Device Gag

Through the advancements of modern science and technology you can now purchase the exploding gag spring mechanism by itself. Although I had discovered the joys of the freestanding exploding mechanism once it became detached from my exploding lighter, I believe that this really opens the door for all of us practical jokers everywhere. Note that the […]