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Shock Pranks, Shock Toys, and Shock Games

These are shock pranks, shocking games and shock toys that give off a shock and scare or startle your the victim or friend.

Shock Lighter

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Most of the electric shock lighters available today are replicas of silver butane lighters. Depending on the quality, shocking lighters usually retail from $8 – $25. Most are fairly well made and splendidly disguised. I recently made a bulk purchase of 10 of these shocking lighters, not only to save money, but also because I […]

Shocking Pen

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The¬†electric shock pen is probably the easiest of the shocking pranks to trick your friends and family with. The shocking pen prank looks like a nice expensive office pen but when you click the end of the pen to lower the ballpoint, you get one hell of a shock. All you need to prank your […]

Shocking Mouse Office Prank

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As I write this office prank, my fingers are still tingling from experimenting with my fake computer mouse. The makers of this product got the voltage dose absolutely right. The strength of the shock sends a jolt up your arm and you can feel the electrons run through your body. I don’t know if the […]

Shocking Beer Can Gives a Great Buzz

Shocking beer can

Shock Can The Shocking Can may just be the mother of all prepackaged pranks. If you can get your hands on one of these you should pick this genius invention up as soon as you see it (as long as it’s not armed). The electric shock can comes in a few varieties; however, for my […]