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Fake Prank Items

There are several places that you can purchase fake prank items that look realistic or at least realistic enough to fool your victims for a quick laugh. Here are some prank ideas and fake items that I have enjoyed in the past.

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You can buy fake prank items from Prank Place .

Fake Tax Letter Prank

Tax Day Prank

Warning Phony and Fake Letter Pranks Could Land You In Jail I must warn you that doing this could get you some jail time and cost you some serious coin if it goes wrong so I really recommend that you not do this. I read in a local newspaper about 2 months after I sent […]

PeePuck Prank

Image of PeePuck

Steve from PeePuck.com let me know about a great gag joke product that is new to the market. I have to admit, this looks pretty funny and I’ve ordered one from his store on www.PeePuck.com. Hope it gets here in time to use on my mother-in-law over the holidays! PeePuck is a specially designed puck […]

Fake Candy

Thumbnail image for Fake Candy

There are many types of fake candy available for purchase. They run the gamut from foul tasting hard candy to chewing gum that turns your whole mouth blue. Most of these candies actually taste good at first, until the sugar coated layer melts away and you are left with a ghastly unbearable fish flavor and […]

Fake Knife

Thumbnail image for Fake Knife

I’ve had at least one fake knife for as long as I can remember. The knife that I’ve used for many years has a plain black handle and a plastic shiny blade that retracts into the handle when pressed against someone’s body. This fake knife prank probably should not be used on overweight strangers because […]

Fake Lottery Ticket

Thumbnail image for Fake Lottery Ticket

My father once gave out scratch off fake lottery tickets to my extended family for Christmas. He gave everyone except my uncle a real lottery ticket. You should have seen his wife as he scratched that fake lotto ticket off to reveal their good fortune at winning the sum of $10,000. The expression on her […]

Fake Sleeping Dog Prank

Thumbnail image for Fake Sleeping Dog Prank

There is a saying that you should let sleeping dogs lie. Well this dog won’t ever be getting up and your friends will have to point that out to you when they go to pet the sleeping puppy prank and think its body is cold and dead. There is absolutely no doubt that this fake […]