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Exploding Pranks

Exploding Gag

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Through the advancements of modern science and technology you can now purchase the exploding gag spring mechanism by itself. Although I had discovered the joys of the freestanding exploding mechanism once it became detached from my¬†exploding lighter, I believe that this really opens the door for all of us practical jokers everywhere. Note that the […]

Exploding String

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The Chinese Exploding String Are you beginning to notice a theme? I love exploding gags and the Chinese exploding string prank (sometimes called the Chinese exploding firework prank) is no exception. Chinese exploding strings are 8″-10″ length slim strings with a center that will detonate when the string’s ends are pulled. When I think about […]

Exploding Pen

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The exploding pen prank works similar to the fake lighter but only explodes when your victim takes off the pen’s cap. This is a terrific gag for the office or social occasions because the pen is easy to carry around with you in your pocket. All you need to do is say, “Hey can I […]

Exploding Lighter Gag

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For a period of 2 years, a fake exploding lighter gag brought almost unbelievable joy into my life. This toy looked like a real lighter but had a metal spring mechanism that would detonate a small cap when someone went to pick up the lighter. The spring mechanism in the lighter worked similar to a […]