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Irritating Jokes

These jokes are meant to torment your friends and family. Although I do like to make people laugh with me; at times I also just like to cause a great deal of low grade suffering by pushing people’s buttons. These types of jokes (at least I consider them jokes) I call “Irritating Jokes.”

Irritating jokes are near effortless actions that you can perpetrate on your friends and family to make them squirm or just plain annoy them. Although perhaps not a practical joke per se, when performed over and over these little annoying acts can add up and really hit a nerve. When your victims are about to get super pissed you should stop until the next time you see them again, when you repeat the annoyance. Even though they may call you a jerk (or worse) at the time, they will most likely come to see humor in your jokes and if not screw them, at least you get to laugh inside.

Hair Prank

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In this prank, you can easily get a rise out of your friends by acting like you are going to put gum into their hair. All it takes is the thought of gum in their hair and the person will jerk to avoid you as if you have the touch of death or a smelly […]

Pull Away Prank

The next time you go to hand off a small object, like a piece of gum, to your friend, pull the item away just as they are about to grasp it. Repeat this several times and watch then get annoyed very quickly. This prank can be very frustrating for the person on the other end. […]

Stop It Prank

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Whenever I am driving on a long trip or in a situation where my friends or family members have to desperately use the bathroom but will not be able to reach the restroom for several minutes, I like to tickle them or press on their stomach. I personally consider this a prank, although some may […]

Scratch and Sniff Prank

Repetition can work wonders when you are trying to annoy someone with a prank. Place a sticker on your friend’s back, let them walk around with the sticker on for a while, and hopefully a few people will notice and laugh. Eventually they themselves will notice it or some generous soul will comment on their […]

Hidden Items Practical Joke

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I love hiding strange items in abnormal places where other people will eventually find them.  For this practical joke, you can place all sorts of objects in your friends’ and family’s personal affects to annoy and frustrate them: ketchup packets in purses, paper towels smashed into the bottom of a shoe, and dinner rolls in […]

Perfume Plume Practical Joke

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Whenever I used to go to the mall with my friends and we were walking through the perfume section, usually at the entrance of a department store, I would grab a bottle of the nearest women’s perfume and spray a large plume for them to walk into. If you are a man, smelling like a […]

Flour Shower Practical Joke

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This practical joke is best pulled when your friend, wife, or other family member that you know very well has just finished taking a shower or bath and has or is about to start drying off. Wait until you hear them turn the water off, go into the bathroom with a can of shaving cream, […]

Smell That

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This practical joke comes in two different varieties but applies the same principle. You either need to get your victim to smell or put their hand over a food item, and then you shove their body part or the food item to precipitate contact between the two. The objective, either way, is to make a […]

Give A Shout Out Practical Joke

Use this practical joke the next time you are riding in the passenger seat with the windows down and you notice you are about to pull up to another car with the windows rolled down. As you approach the vehicle, recline the seat so you cannot be seen from outside the vehicle and yell out […]