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Pinchy Winchy Gag

Pinchy winchy

by Smidge Boyter on October 5, 2010

Pinchy Winchy Victim: This is a photo of my friend Steve as we were preparing to leave for the bars. Note the use of alchohol for this prank.

For this gag you will need one unsuspecting victim and a group of willing accomplices. The joke works best if your victim is slightly impaired from alcoholic beverages and you are in a room with dim lighting. There are a few objectives and rules of the game that you must explain aloud to the group that help set up the joke.

  • Everyone must be in a circle.
  • Pinchy Winchy is the person who is “it.”
  • Pinchy Winchy must use their fingers to tap or lightly touch people in the circle until one of them smiles or laughs and then that person will become Pinchy Winchy.

If you are the person who is pulling the prank, you will need to make sure you have a soda or beer can and a lighter. While others start the game, you will be using the lighter to burn the bottom of the can, which creates black soot. Those that are in on the joke should avoid trying to make your targeted victim Pinchy Winchy and constantly act as though they are having a great time. After a few turns, someone should make you Pinchy Winchy. Having rubbed the bottom of the blackened can with your thumb and fingers to transfer the soot, you are all set to go after the victim.

They will have no idea that while you are trying to make them laugh or smile, you are actually rubbing blackened filth all over their face. They will probably be thinking to themselves this is the easiest and stupidest game they have ever played in their life. The only reason they will even agree to play is because they are slightly impaired from the alcohol and the overwhelming peer pressure being applied.

How can they refuse to play when everyone else looks like they love this game and are having a good time? It may take them a while before they smile or laugh, but they eventually will because they get sick of you rubbing their face. After you have smeared enough soot onto their face to make them look like an idiot, someone should break up the game by stating it is time to go to the bar. Hopefully your friend will not look into a mirror before reaching the bar and will be wondering why absolute strangers are giving them such queer looks.

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