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Mud Bath Camping Prank

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by Smidge Boyter on October 9, 2010

This camping prank is another form of the gag that I call “Hose Off” (discussed in Chapter 3, Irritating Jokes). Just beneath the sandy layer of the camp’s swimming area rest a layer of goopy muck. The muck was a combination of mud, clay, small pebbles, and decaying matter that smelled quite rank. Occasionally, as counselors finished their swim and exited the water to dry off, I would reach below the sandy layer to pull out a handful of muck and proceed to throw a handful onto the back of a counselor. They would have to jump back into the water to clean the wreaking mud off that was clinging to their back. I would repeat this a couple of times until they got to the point were they were ready to throw punches and then I stopped (at least until the next day’s swimming session). At the time, I considered this high quality entertainment. What else are you going to do when there is not a T.V. in sight?

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