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Look Out Below – Office Prank

Confetti Prank

by Smidge Boyter on September 26, 2010

This recipe for fun starts out with your choice of ingredients. One set will most likely only cause irritation and evil will towards you. The other will get your coworker very angry, could damage electronic equipment, and could get you fired. Depending on which you prefer, fill a large paper cup (preferably 20 oz or larger) with either:

  • Paper clips, peanuts, confetti, shredded paper or other tiny and difficult to cleanup items; or if you feel absolutely evil
  • Water, coffee, milk, soda, tomato juice, soup or some other liquid.

Affix a long piece of light string, sewing thread, or ribbon to one side of the top of the cup using tape or a staple so the string will hold when tugged. Now find a shelf that is up high enough so the cup will be out of view from a passerby. Let the string dangle; the temptation will be too great for many. When someone tugs to see what the string might be attached to or to throw it away, down comes a surprise for your unsuspecting coworker.

This gag will also work great at home or anywhere you can find a light that is turned on by pulling on a cord. Many basements, attics, and garages have such light switches. Hide the original cord by wrapping it around the light or by pinning it to the ceiling. Then find a similar looking cord that won’t be recognized as a dummy and secure any type of liquid, pudding, or fine powdery substance in a plastic bucket to come crashing down when the victim gives the cord a tug to turn on the light.

If you don’t have a bucket, just use some saran wrap to make a pouch that will open up when yanked on and tape it to the ceiling right next to the light. Wait until it’s dark out and ask your spouse or roommate to do you a tremendous favor by going down to the basement and putting your clothes into the dryer. They will need to wash their own shirt in just a few minutes.

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matt December 23, 2011 at 5:58 am

Are you even employed? You sound like some 7 year old spoiled brat.


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