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Holiday Chocolate Gag

Chocolate Gag

by Smidge Boyter on October 5, 2010

Holiday Chocolate Anyone?

During the holidays, many people bring to work leftover food, cookies, and candies from family feasts. You can use this well placed social charity to spread some evil holiday will. The next time you have a family get together and someone brings a box of specialty chocolates, be sure to nab the near empty or empty box. Take the box home and remove any remaining pieces of chocolate and place rocks in the doily wrappers where the chocolate had been nestled. The rocks will give the box weight and the illusion there are still chocolate goodies left inside. This way you can fool those that are smart enough to pick the box up and give it a little shake to get a feel if there are any nuggets left before exerting energy to open the box.
Take the box into work with you and place the fake chocolates in the break room or wherever your coworkers usually leave communal food. Eventually a coworker will spot the box, feeling a little uplifted by the token generosity of their fellow employee. They will test it out by picking the box up and then opening the lid only to discover its secret little contents. If you were to go all out, the sticky note you attached to one of the rocks would read, “You dumb bastard.”

Try to get a chocolate lover several times by using different boxes and perhaps even walking by them with a piece of chocolate in your hand saying, “Hey did you get any of that chocolate in there?” Customize the note, “Got you again Doug. You stupid ass!” Finally, if you really want to be cruel, buy a box of chocolates from the store and before leaving them in the break room, open the box up and take a bite out of every single chocolate so only half of every candy remains for your coworkers.

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jknhdf February 18, 2011 at 10:51 am

THIS IS PRETTY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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