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Hidden Items Practical Joke

Image of dinner rolls for hidden items prank

by Smidge Boyter on October 9, 2010

I love hiding strange items in abnormal places where other people will eventually find them. ¬†For this practical joke, you can place all sorts of objects in your friends’ and family’s personal affects to annoy and frustrate them: ketchup packets in purses, paper towels smashed into the bottom of a shoe, and dinner rolls in a coat pocket just to name a few. When you are eating at a restaurant with your wife or girlfriend, put a few sugar packets into her purse or place the restaurant silverware into her jacket to find and wonder about later. After you have done this to your friends and family on several occasions they may start to retaliate. My mother and I once traded a dinner roll off and on for over 3 weeks; it was hard as a rock when I finally threw it out.

Canned foods, candy bars, pens, paperclips, and other random items placed under the bed sheets or left in the pillowcase of a friend’s bed you are visiting can be particularly funny for you and irritating for them. I usually try to put a few items, in different spots, under the sheet and one in their pillowcase. Just when they think they’ve gotten all of the items out and can finally get to sleep, they roll over and find one more to make their blood boil. Cellophane or candy wrappers work great in pillowcases because they make a crunchy sound and usually aren’t found until after you’ve gotten comfortable.

You can probably have the most fun with this type of joke when you and your friends try to deposit items into the pockets of complete strangers, especially if you use food. At a wedding reception I once slid a couple of pretzels into a gentleman’s rear pocket. My friends and I didn’t have a clue who he was, but we had a few laughs at his expense when we saw him sit down, smashing the pretzels, and then promptly empty the crumbs from his pockets with a confused look on his face.

Later that night, I managed to somehow stuff and slide a mini roast beef sandwich into my friend’s front pants pocket while he was distracted taking care of his 13-month old son. “What the hell is this?” he crowed as he pulled out the mashed up sandwich from his trouser pocket. The crumbled bread falling to the floor, as he reversed his pocket, damn near brought us both to tears of laughter.

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