Halloween Prank

Halloween Prank

by Smidge Boyter on October 8, 2010

Even though after you enter your mid-teens you are too old to go out trick or treating you can still have plenty of fun and entertainment on Halloween. One year, for me, it entailed fooling little children into thinking they were getting another tasty treat to fill their goody bags but in reality they were going to get a nasty trick, instead of the treat. I dressed up as a lifeless scarecrow and sat on our front porch bench. Drooping from my arm, by a black plastic handle, sat an orange, jack-o-lantern, plastic bucket filled with candy. On the bucket was taped a sign that read, “Take one please.”

I arranged my costume to look as though I were just a straw-filled dummy, slumped on a small wooden bench, right beside the front door to the house. To cover my face, I wore a Frankenstein mask and then placed a ball cap over my head, sloppily worn to the side. For the rest of my outfit, I used railroad engineer coveralls, an oversized red flannel shirt, gloves to conceal my hands, and a good deal of leaves and straw. The leaves and straw were poking and brimming out in every direction to give the impression the entire mass of my body was composed of nothing but straw and yard debris.

The lighting on the porch, although poor, happened to be perfect for the occasion. The first vehicle pulled up and a ballerina stepped out of the car door. To my good fortune it was my uncle with his 10-year old daughter. I watched through the tiny eye slits in the mask, smirking and trying not to laugh or breath heavily, as she moved towards our house. She was cautious at first as she read the sign on the candy bucket. Looking around and realizing there was no one around to enforce the 1 candy per child limit, she aggressively reached her hand into the pail and pulled out a whole gob full of goodies. Quickly coming to life, I grabbed her hand before she dropped the candy into her bag and roared in a throaty, raspy deep voice, “The sign says take one please!”

As you can imagine, her face was shear terror. She screamed shrilly, dropped her candy bag, tore her hand free, and ran as fast as she could back to the car. Her father, seeing the events unfold, was laughing in the way parents do when they know their child has been scared to death and are a little ashamed to be chuckling at their child’s expense. Tiffany was so scared I had to take the mask off to show her I was not really a monster. The only regret I have about scaring children that night is that I wished we had lived in a less secluded area so I would have been able to scare even more children.

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Tomlandon Wallas Stawcozrahns September 22, 2011 at 4:48 am

Oh that is just so not right and by the way next time give them nachos after you scare them! They deserve nachos!


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