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Classic Gags

There are some practical jokes and gags that almost everyone has had exposure to. I know there are a ton of these “classic” gags out there, but these are a few that are near and dear to my heart. You may already be well acquainted with these old standbys, but if not, here are a few you should get to know. For some of these, I discuss tactics I’ve used to enhance the old gag which may lead your victims to really detest you.

Short Sheet the Bed Prank

Short Sheet the Bed Prank

Short Sheeted – a prank from Jade. This prank is really easy to pull on anyone. Start by unmaking someone`s bed – take off everything but the fitted sheets Take the flat sheets and put the top of the sheet all the way above where your pillow usually lies. Wrap it under the mattress like […]

Car Soap Gag

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Lather it Up for this Car Prank I’m sure almost everyone has “soaped” a vehicle’s windshields before or at least is familiar with the concept. If you have not heard of soaping a car, where in the hell did you grow up? Soaping a car involves taking bars of white soap and drawing pictures or […]

Plastic Wrap Gag

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When you place clear plastic wrap over a toilet, the next person to use the restroom probably won’t not see the opaque obstruction waiting to block their excrement from hitting its intended mark. This classic gag can be pretty filthy. That must be why my grandmother introduced the gag to me when I was all […]

Kitchen Water Fountain Prank

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For this prank, if you have the proper equipment (a rubber band), this is a very easy classic gag to pull off. All you need to do is find a kitchen sink that has a hand sprayer, wrap the rubber band around the sprayer’s handle, and point it toward the front of the sink. Now, […]

Freezing Shower Gag

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Wherever there is faulty plumbing, you can expect people will try at least once or twice to scorch or freeze out their family member in the shower by flushing the toilet or running the bathroom sink. Even if you don’t have faulty plumbing, you can still enjoy torturing your loved ones by introducing a quick […]

Barricade the door gag

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This is a classic easy gag. ┬áThe great virtue of having a door open up into a room, is that you can prop items against the other side of the door and they will fall onto the person who is opening the door. Anyone who has ever lived in a dormitory is surely aware of […]