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Here you will find an assortment of gags and gag gifts which are pranks and jokes that usually take very little planning, are very easy to pull off, and will have you chuckling in no time. Most of these gags can only be performed a few times before your friends catch on, but you can get practically everyone you know. Some are perfect to play on those you intimately know and others are best left for strangers. Although you will surely laugh, the fallout from your victims will vary from shock and frustration to utter contempt and disgust.

Short Sheet the Bed Prank

Short Sheet the Bed Prank

Short Sheeted – a prank from Jade. This prank is really easy to pull on anyone. Start by unmaking someone`s bed – take off everything but the fitted sheets Take the flat sheets and put the top of the sheet all the way above where your pillow usually lies. Wrap it under the mattress like […]

11 Christmas Gag Gift Ideas for Holiday Cheer

Lump of Coal Gag Gift

Gag Gift Card with Very Low Balance Give a Gift Card with the balance used down to a very small leftover amount, like $.11. If you are feeling especially mischievous, you could give a gift certificate to a high end restaurant so that they will get a really big bill after eating and have to […]

Car Soap Gag

Thumbnail image for Car Soap Gag

Lather it Up for this Car Prank I’m sure almost everyone has “soaped” a vehicle’s windshields before or at least is familiar with the concept. If you have not heard of soaping a car, where in the hell did you grow up? Soaping a car involves taking bars of white soap and drawing pictures or […]

Plastic Wrap Gag

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When you place clear plastic wrap over a toilet, the next person to use the restroom probably won’t not see the opaque obstruction waiting to block their excrement from hitting its intended mark. This classic gag can be pretty filthy. That must be why my grandmother introduced the gag to me when I was all […]

Kitchen Water Fountain Prank

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For this prank, if you have the proper equipment (a rubber band), this is a very easy classic gag to pull off. All you need to do is find a kitchen sink that has a hand sprayer, wrap the rubber band around the sprayer’s handle, and point it toward the front of the sink. Now, […]

Freezing Shower Gag

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Wherever there is faulty plumbing, you can expect people will try at least once or twice to scorch or freeze out their family member in the shower by flushing the toilet or running the bathroom sink. Even if you don’t have faulty plumbing, you can still enjoy torturing your loved ones by introducing a quick […]

Barricade the door gag

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This is a classic easy gag. ┬áThe great virtue of having a door open up into a room, is that you can prop items against the other side of the door and they will fall onto the person who is opening the door. Anyone who has ever lived in a dormitory is surely aware of […]

Holiday Chocolate Gag

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Holiday Chocolate Anyone? During the holidays, many people bring to work leftover food, cookies, and candies from family feasts. You can use this well placed social charity to spread some evil holiday will. The next time you have a family get together and someone brings a box of specialty chocolates, be sure to nab the […]

Fake Crying Trick Gag

Photo from Alvarez Tostado: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alvarez-tostado/363243449/

Humans have an innate ability to cry. Most babies come out of the hatch wailing away and will learn to bawl to get what they want, namely food. Growing older, children sometimes pout, suckering their parents into feeling sorry for them, to get their way. Society has generally frowned upon this use of body language […]

The Look Away Gag

Look away gag

They say cats are so curious it sometimes kills them, well good because they deserve it. I would say that humans are almost as curious as felines by our very nature. Everyone likes to be in the know and be aware of what is going on around them, even when it may not concern them. […]

Blackmail Gag

Image of blackmail gag

If you have a mini-recorder I recommend you start carrying it around with you at all times and if you don’t have one, buy one as soon as possible for this gag. They are a great source of entertainment. Turn the recording device on whenever you are talking to people; eventually someone is bound to […]

Annoying Nothing Gag

This little trick involves getting a friend or family member’s attention and time and then abruptly telling them you don’t need them after all. The joke becomes more humorous, at least to yourself, if you are able to actually make the person expend energy, like getting up off the couch or walking downstairs to see […]

Frightening Fragrance Trick Gag

Deer musk prank

Have you ever squirted yourself with a free sampling of your favorite perfume or cologne in a department store? Of course you have, we’ve all done it. When you spray the blast of fragrance on yourself or in the air and take a whiff, you usually don’t expect to smell a putrid odor do you? […]

Trash Can Trick Gag

trash can gag

In public spaces chewing gum can be found virtually anywhere you look: on the sidewalks, under restaurant tables, beneath park benches, the bottom of trashcans, etc. The next time you are out with some friends, if you happen to be chewing a piece of gum, hide the gum between your fingers, reach your hand into […]

Pinchy Winchy Gag

Pinchy winchy

Pinchy Winchy Victim: This is a photo of my friend Steve as we were preparing to leave for the bars. Note the use of alchohol for this prank. For this gag you will need one unsuspecting victim and a group of willing accomplices. The joke works best if your victim is slightly impaired from alcoholic […]