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Freezing Shower Gag

Image of martini shaker for the freezing shower gag

by Smidge Boyter on October 9, 2010

Wherever there is faulty plumbing, you can expect people will try at least once or twice to scorch or freeze out their family member in the shower by flushing the toilet or running the bathroom sink. Even if you don’t have faulty plumbing, you can still enjoy torturing your loved ones by introducing a quick burst from a secondary water source with this classic gag.

All you need is a bucket or pitcher to fill with ice cubes and cold water and you are on your way. Wait until your victim is right in the middle of shampooing their hair and then as stealthily as you can, sneak in and dump the bucket over the top of the shower curtain. Definitely expect to hear some screaming or yelling as their skin contracts and is thrown into momentary shock by the blast of cold water.

Over the course of my many years playing this gag on family, friends, and roommates I have discovered that a metal martini shaker does an unbelievable job of getting water to a desired throwing temperature. To get the water super cooled, place about five large ice cubes in with the water. Making sure the shaker is only filled to about ¾ its capacity, close the lid, and shake like hell.

You know it’s ready when you see frost form on the outside of the shaker and your fingers feel almost frost bitten. The shaker not only cools the water inside, it also breaks the ice into tiny little slivers that will add potency and shock value to your prank. You may want to consider dumping the contents from the martini shaker into another vessel and then repeat the process so that you will be able to douse your victim not once but twice back to back! You are almost guaranteed a direct hit this way. Just imagine the shear pleasure of hearing your roommate brag after missing them with your first throw. “Hah, you missed me!” They have no idea what’s waiting for them and you will now be able to pinpoint them by noticing where their voice came for the second dousing.

I have also performed this prank by throwing a first round of very warm water and then a second of freezing cold water so that their body has to deal with an even more extreme fluctuation in temperatures. There is also a greater shock effect because they completely let down their guard as they realize they have just been hit with very warm water instead of freezing cold water. They relax while thinking to themselves, “Oh thank God. It was only warm water.” Too bad for them you read this post and just happened to have ice cold water sitting in your nice, new, metal martini shaker.

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