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Fake Tax Letter Prank

Tax Day Prank

by Smidge Boyter on January 24, 2011

Warning Phony and Fake Letter Pranks Could Land You In Jail
I must warn you that doing this could get you some jail time and cost you some serious coin if it goes wrong so I really recommend that you not do this.

I read in a local newspaper about 2 months after I sent the following fake tax bill, a man wound up serving time and paid over $20,000 in fines for pulling something very similar to the fake letter that I am about to share.  That man had placed a condemnation notice and letter on his neighbors door due to “mold contamination” and the city jailed and fined the pranker due to the time and money they wasted on tracking down that it wasn’t real and was a hoax.

The setup

A few years ago the state legislature where my friend lives passed some new laws that were going to raise taxes by a significant amount but the exact amount was not known at the time it was reported by the news.  The amount was around 10 – 50% for some homeowners but my friend was about to get an astronomical increase in his tax bill.

What I did

I created a fake tax bill once this story had been in the news and I new my friend had heard.  I knew what he paid for his last years tax bill and jacked his tax bill up by 400%  on an official looking invoice statement and then created an accompanying letter that described why their was such a high increase to his tax rate.  I included a very official looking seals and the phone number to the taxing authority’s office.

Here is the letter that accompanied the invoice that I mailed to him:

Fake Letter Pranks

Fake Tax Letter

The Reaction

I didn’t expect his wife to open the fake tax letter but I’m glad she did.  He told me that she called him crying and said, “Christmas is ruined.”

Wow, Christmas is ruined.  That’s rough.  I couldn’t have planned a better reaction.

My friend called the county assessor’s office, which I had supplied in the letter (looking back – big mistake as it could have gotten me a stiff fine or jail time had they prosecuted this case).  The assessor’s office said that they hadn’t yet sent out the tax invoices for the year but they would look into if they had made a mistake and sent him one early.

I played dumb for a couple days and then let him in on the prank.  Lucky for my, the assessor thought it was funny too.  My friend’s wife was pretty pissed off for quite some time.  I wonder if it’s what led to their divorce?

Got a story about a fake letter or fake item that you sent or received? I would like to hear from you in the comments below.  Do you think this would have fooled you?  I was thinking about placing some fake parking tickets on my friend’s car with instructions to remit cash to a post box that I own but never went through with it.

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JackAss March 19, 2011 at 11:13 pm

Good pranks, but bad punishments…(LOL)


Kayla Simpson September 17, 2011 at 11:08 pm

Cool prank! I think it was a little mean though…. still I like it (LOL)!


Richard April 5, 2013 at 8:33 pm

My brother was the target of my fake letter. He was living with my sister at the time in South Florida so I had to recruit her help. I sent him a fake letter from the producer of the Jerry Springer Show, saying that a person from his past was a scheduled to be a guest of the show and that that the show would pay him $2000.00 plus airfare, accommodations and expenses to fly to Chicago for 3 days for a taping of the show. The letter also said the name of his acquaintance could not be divulged at this time but the working title of this episode was “ I Know What You Did Last Summer”. I gave him a dead end Chicago number to call and said in the letter that a field producer would contact him by phone to see if he could arrange some B roll taping in South Florida.
So to sell this I did some awesome photoshop work to print a cancelled Chicago postmark on a stamped envelope. Mailed it to my sister in a legit envelope and she mixed it into my brothers daily mail. What was awesome about his gag was that he had to worry and wonder silently about who this secret person was and what exactly he did? I found out later he thought it might be a gag but he studied every detail of the letter and envelope and had to believe it was real because it looked so legit. He called everybody he knew and had to feel out each one looking for hints to who might have the goods on him. My Sister called me and told me how he was acting worried about something but he wouldn’t say what
Eventually he called me and I just couldn’t keep it strait anymore. I should have kept this gag going for weeks maybe even take it to a new level.


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