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Fake Lottery Ticket

Image of fake lottery ticket

by Smidge Boyter on October 9, 2010

My father once gave out scratch off fake lottery tickets to my extended family for Christmas. He gave everyone except my uncle a real lottery ticket. You should have seen his wife as he scratched that fake lotto ticket off to reveal their good fortune at winning the sum of $10,000. The expression on her face said it all, “Holy Shit Merry Christmas!” My uncle about wet his pants until he turned the winning ticket over to find out how to redeem the prize. The fine print read, “Please mail ticket to the North Pole in care of Santa Claus and his group of merry elves to claim your prize.” This is probably not the best joke to play on those who have been down on their luck and could really use the cash, especially the homeless.

I have recently schemed on pulling this gag on strangers at an airport equipped with a video recorder the next time I fly on vacation. I would make sure that I check in and pass through the security gates with a few hours to spare prior to my flight. This way I can set a fake lottery ticket down on a chair and from a distance follow whoever picks the gag up and watch and wait for them to scratch the fake ticket off. The airport is a good place to play the fake lotto joke for several reasons:

  • Your victim really doesn’t have much else to do so they might as well scratch the ticket off now.
  • They will hopefully feel a need to scratch off the fake ticket before they leave because tickets would most likely need to be redeemed before leaving the state.
  • They will be looking around and may try to suppress their excitement from the notice of others in the chance the true owner of the lotto ticket should appear.

I imagine you would need to take several of the fake scratch tickets as you may get a few people who just pick the ticket up and put it into their pocket to scratch off in private as to avoid a confrontation with the potential true owner. Even though you don’t get to see the expression on their face, just knowing how crappy they are going to feel when they turn that ticket over is reward enough. I can’t wait for my next out of town vacation.

You can find fake lottery tickets from many places on the web. Here are a few examples:

Image of Fake Lottery Ticket Prank 1

Image of Fake Lottery Ticket Prank 1

Image of Fake Lottery Ticket Prank 1

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Pradeep rao November 9, 2010 at 1:30 pm

wow.. atast it got the truth known, It worked well..


Roger Miller September 3, 2011 at 5:56 pm

I want 10 of the ones that pay out $10,000. Not an assortment.


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