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Exploding String

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by Smidge Boyter on October 11, 2010

The Chinese Exploding String

Are you beginning to notice a theme? I love exploding gags and the Chinese exploding string prank (sometimes called the Chinese exploding firework prank) is no exception. Chinese exploding strings are 8″-10″ length slim strings with a center that will detonate when the string’s ends are pulled. When I think about the usage of these strings I immediately think “booby trap.”

The exploding strings are perfect for rigging drawers, cupboards, or doors. For instance, with the kitchen cupboard you should be able to wrap or tie one end of the string to the inside door’s handle and the other end of the string to the cupboards latch. When opened, the string will be pulled and KAPOW! If you can’t find anything to wrap or tie the string to, just use some really strong tape to hold down both ends of the string.

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