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Earful of Toothpaste Office Prank

Image of toothpaste for an office prank

by Smidge Boyter on October 8, 2010

How often do you look at the earpiece of your phone prior to answering calls at work? If you are like most people, probably never. This is why when you put a gooey substance on someone’s phone, it will end up being smeared all over and in their ear if they receive a phone call. One of my coworkers pulled this office prank on me after hearing that I was out late the night before and had probably had too many drinks. I in fact did have too many drinks and too little sleep and was in no mood for jokes. Walking into my office I found boxes stacked upon my desk and chair, this was only a prelude to the joke that was coming.

My phone rang and given that I was distraught by the mess on my desk and my mind not performing at peak levels, I did not notice the toothpaste that was smeared on my phone. “Hello…Ughhhh!” Toothpaste is very difficult to completely remove from porous surfaces, such as a phone’s earpiece speaker, as well as from your skin. Even after all visible signs of the cavity-fighting agent are removed; a smell may still persist for several hours. As I have found first hand, toothpaste can be nauseating after smelling it all day and this is why you should use toothpaste on your coworkers in the office or your family at home.

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