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11 Christmas Gag Gift Ideas for Holiday Cheer

Lump of Coal Gag Gift

by Smidge Boyter on November 20, 2010

Gag Gift Card with Very Low Balance

Give a Gift Card with the balance used down to a very small leftover amount, like $.11. If you are feeling especially mischievous, you could give a gift certificate to a high end restaurant so that they will get a really big bill after eating and have to pay for the whole thing at the end of the meal.

Gag Gift Card

Gag Gift Idea: Gift card with $.11 Balance

Boy, what a let down and awkward moment that will create when the waiter comes back to announce that your generous gift card took care of $1.33 of the bill and the remaining balance of $134.47 will be charged to their Visa.

I personally gave a friend a Starbucks gift card with a $.17 balance on the card. He gave the card to his wife, who 2 weeks later went to Starbucks without her purse and had no way to pay the balance after ordering her vanilla latte. She was absolutely pissed but she laughs about it now.

Holiday Xmas Gag Gift Classic

Image of lump of coal gag gift

Classic Lump of Coal in a bag Gag Gift

Give the holiday xmas gag gift classic: A lump of coal. There really is nothing quite like a lump of coal in the stocking or wrapped in a box to crush a child’s spirit like a lump of coal. Let’s be honest though, for some children, its exactly what they deserve and if that is the case then go for it!

You can Buy Xmas Coal Here.

Fake Lottery Ticket Gag Gift

Image of Fake Lottery TicketGive out fake lottery tickets to your friends and family. To really draw your victim in, buy real lottery tickets for other family members and target one person to receive the fake lotto ticket. Then as the other family members are scratching theirs real lotto tickets off and loosing, your target will be less inclined to think its a gag gift. Another tip is to mix in fake tickets with real tickets.

Here is a video of someone giving a fake lotto ticket to their mom:

Buy Fake Lottery Tickets Here

Russian Nesting Doll Gift Gag

Image of Russian Nesting Dolls for a gag gift ideaWrap a series of empty boxes like Russian Nesting Dolls and in the final box put a pile of dirt, a rotten egg, or possibly a piece of dog poop spray painted with sparkly gold. Here is one with a nice ending although the video is a bit long.


The Fakeout Gag Gift

This one comes in 2 forms – wrapping big boxes with nothing in them or insert something else into the box packaging that they want or desire but switch it out for socks or underwear.
Wrap big empty packages or prank your kids by wrapping up just the box that the item they want comes in:

  • Make your daughter cry like these people did by making her think she was getting a dollhouse but instead it was a suitcase:

Image of Fakeout from its always sunny

Great Fakeout Gag Gift

One of the best Fakeouts of all times was done by Frank Reynolds in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Its A Very Sunny Christmas. This show is a definite recommend if you have a deviant bone in your body.

Real Gift For Kids but Gag Gift for the Parents!

Image of Gag Gift

Loud Annoying Gift

Be a hero to your niece or nephew by pranking a child’s parents by getting an annoyingly loud and fun gift like a trumpet, drum kit, mega phone or something that will take up the adults time – like a new pet puppy!

Here is a list of annoying gifts that give parents headaches from Parent Dish.

Gag Gift Too Sentimental to Destroy

  • Get something hideous engraved so they the victim feels bad throwing it out or something religious or endearing, like this plate. Image of Gag Gift Plate
  • Give them a piece of ugly artwork and tell them that you made it. Ask them where they hung it the next time you come over so that they feel bad if they threw it out and you can laugh if they kept it and hung it up. George Clooney did this to his friend Richard Kind. Richard actually hung it over his couch for 2 years before being let in on the prank. Read more about Clooney’s Gag Gift here.

Homemade Christmas Gag Gift Ideas


What are your favorite gag gifts that you’ve received or given?


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Jason B November 21, 2010 at 6:57 pm

As a gag gift, I once gave a box of used underwear to my brother. He was not pleased.


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