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Car Soap Gag

Image of car soap prank

by Smidge Boyter on October 9, 2010

Lather it Up for this Car Prank

I’m sure almost everyone has “soaped” a vehicle’s windshields before or at least is familiar with the concept. If you have not heard of soaping a car, where in the hell did you grow up? Soaping a car involves taking bars of white soap and drawing pictures or writing messages to the owner on the windows of the vehicle you are attacking. Removing the soap is somewhat time consuming and frustrating because you have to spray the car down with water before it all comes off.

One of my friends used to work at a grocery store. Every couple of weeks, someone would soap his car windows, that someone mostly, but not always, being me. Luckily for him, there was a self-service car wash next door to the grocery store where he could stop off for a quick washing before heading home.

This same friend would never lock his car doors, even though he kept valuable items in his car for anyone to steal. For some reason, this annoyed me greatly and I would continually harp at him to lock his doors. Once, while I was lathering up his car with a good soaping, I noticed he once again left his doors unlocked. I opened the passenger door, crawled inside and drew a large smiley face on the inside back window of his car.

That night, after he got off of work, he drove his car to the car wash and began hosing off his windows in usual fashion. Only this time, he came upon a particularly stubborn smiley face that would not come off. He sprayed it with the pressure washer for about 5 minutes and then switched to the scrubbing wand. Baffled why the face wouldn’t come off, he started to worry that it was paint and went to touch the artwork with his hand. Only then did he realize the window had been soaped from the inside. On subsequent trips to soap his car, I noticed his doors were always locked as he was sick of this car gag.

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