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Bush Dive Prank

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by Smidge Boyter on October 9, 2010

Several bushes and pine trees that lined the roads and trails of the camp I worked at. Frequently as a camp prank, we would push one another into these bushes and trees. The best time to get another counselor was when you first woke up in the morning and were making your way for breakfast down to the kitchen lodge. At the crack of dawn, your muscles and balance are not quite up to par and an unsuspecting shove almost always lands your victim into the pine needles of a small tree. The person would get pinesap all over their body and the needles would prick the skin. What a way to start the day!

This type of joke works terrific outside of a campground as well. Just the other day my friends ganged up on me and pushed me into the large overgrown bush outside my house as I stepped off the porch onto the sidewalk. I was fortunate to have only brushed the outer limbs of the bush, as I caught my fall before landing completely in the bush. Still, I was itching my leg for a good 5 minutes where it had scraped up against the fern. Note to self: “Watch out for bastard friends when coming out of the house.”

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