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BenGay and Icy Hot Gag

BenGay Prank

by Smidge Boyter on September 26, 2010

BenGay®, Icy Hot® and other forms of pain relieving lotions can be applied to itemsImage of Icy Hot that will come into contact with delicate human skin to produce the opposite of pain relief: pain giving. We have all heard of high school kids putting Icy Hot on the jockstraps of unsuspecting classmates in the locker room.

I never really found this gag to be funny because I could sympathize with the poor bastard who thought his family jewels had just been set ablaze. However, once when I spent the night at a good friend’s house, I did put a thin layer of BenGay on his stick of deodorant. After taking a shower, he came out of the bathroom waving his elbows up and down and proclaiming, “Phwewwww! Man, my armpits are burning!”

As I rolled on the ground with laughter, I had to let him know the source of his pain. We still laugh about that joke from time to time. I know, this gag is cruel like the jockstrap joke, but it somehow just felt right at the time.

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