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Barricade the door gag

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by Smidge Boyter on October 9, 2010

This is a classic easy gag. ¬†The great virtue of having a door open up into a room, is that you can prop items against the other side of the door and they will fall onto the person who is opening the door. Anyone who has ever lived in a dormitory is surely aware of this concept. For a while, when I was living in the dorm, it was all the rage to fill a trashcan with water and lean the vessel against an unsuspecting freshman’s door. When the victim opened the door they would get 4 gallons worth of tap water rushing into their room. Of course, sometimes people wouldn’t even wait for the occupant to open the door; they would just dump the water through the door crack and run like hell.

Now that I’ve grown up, matured if you will, and have been in the working world for several years you would think that I would have outlived this type of joke. Well think again a-hole because I absolutely love making objects fall into coworkers as they exit bathrooms. If you are going to play this type of joke, or any other joke, over and over again you have to know each of your victims’ limits. Leo “the True Bastard” Martorano was one such former coworker of mine who could take the punishment and dish it out just as hard.

Every time one of us would catch a glimpse of the other entering the bathroom, we would set nearby objects up against the bathroom door for them to fall as the prey exited the commode. The only problem with playing this joke on Leo was that he wouldn’t put the object back in its rightful place because he didn’t give a damn if any other coworkers noticed the item oddly removed from its normal position and became upset. Chairs, boxes, vacuum cleaners, trashcans, brooms, mops and large office plants all at one time or another littered the area just in front of the bathroom’s entrance.

Sometimes you don’t even have to actually have an item fall on the person exiting the bathroom to get a laugh. Making the occupant climb over boxes, oversized potted plants, or an office couch to exit the restroom always gives me a little chuckle.

Even better than propping items, or leaving them against a door, is to lean the object against a coworker’s chair while they are sitting and working away. Anyone can prop a trashcan or empty filing cabinet against a door without notice while someone is using the john but it takes real skill to set a broom or cardboard box against a coworker’s chair while they are actually in it. The next time you see a coworker concentrating on their work and listening to loud music, sneak up and prop a large object up against them that will make a crashing sound or thud when they go to get out of their chair. Sometimes it will scare them and they will jolt their head around to what caused the ruckus.

For a while, Leo and I made a game out of seeing how many times in a day we could prop a broom on a software developers chair and if he caught us, we would rub the top of his head with the bristles of the broom. I know, we were pretty much bastards to him, but he loved us figuratively and sometimes literally.

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