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Auto Scratch Prank

Image of Auto Scratch Prank

by Smidge Boyter on October 8, 2010

I received the fake auto scratch gag as a gift for my birthday from one of my relatives. I’ll be honest; even before I opened the packaging to look at the gag inside I was skeptical this would fool anyone and once I pulled the sticker out, I almost threw it away. I’m glad I kept onto it though because the fake auto scratch really does work. Sure you can tell the scratch is a fake right away if you are standing 2 feet from it but any further than that and the scrape looks like someone really sideswiped your car. You should place the sticker above one of your targeted victim’s wheel wells because of its high likelihood to be noticed.

Image of Fake Car Scratch Prank

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They will think someone scraped their car backing out of an adjacent parking space. According to my coworker, the first thought that went through his head was that he was going to have to spring for a paint job. Unfortunately, once you attach the sticker you can’t use the scratch on another victim because it will most likely tear apart when you remove the sticker from the car. Too bad they don’t make a magnet version. Damn those manufacturers and their planned obsolescence.

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Onkar November 9, 2010 at 1:08 pm

this is the funniest sh*t omg!! That had seen ever…


Keepin Gresh November 9, 2010 at 1:11 pm

Love it! That thing looks real.


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