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April Fools Pranks

April Fools pranks can be performed almost any time of year but are extra special when they can be pulled off on April 1st (April Fools Day)!

Fake Cotton Candy Prank

You will need cotton balls, red or blue food coloring, and a plastic container (preferably one that says “cotton candy”). So, this may get your hands messy, but it will be worth it. 1st, tear apart some cotton balls. Next, color them and use your hands to blend it in as best as you can. […]

10 Pranks For April Fools

Nice prank info graphic of pranks from Terry Blinds just in time for April Fools! Top 10 pranks to play on friends in the home by Terrys Blinds.

Computer Auto Correct Prank

Auto Correct Prank

This is a guest prank from Theo. If visiting a friends house or similar to do homework on a PC, this is a great little prank that is reversable and can be very, very funny. Check which kind of computer they have, If it is windows XP or newer, then you’re in luck! Try getting […]